Former Giants kicker trolls the Patriots

Lawrence Tynes was a member of the 2007 and 2011 New York Giants teams that knocked off the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl and he wasted little time in taunting the Pats about their last trip to Glendale, Arizona.

In the past decade the New England Patiots and the New York Giants squared off in arguably the two most memorable Super Bowls in recent memory. Apparently animosity still exists between the two clubs.

As the games get bigger the chirping gets louder from all of those invested in the National Football League. This past weekend we saw the Patriots and Seahawks emerge as the final candidates for the Super XLIX trophy. The Patriots will be trying to rectify two previous losses (both to the Giants) in the NFL’s grand event and restore their throne atop the NFL. Not too mention, they are looking to shed the doubt generated after ‘DeflateGate’ has captivated the sports world all week long.

Former Giants Kicker, Lawrence Tynes, decided to chime in via Twitter on the game blatantly reminding many of the recent struggles of the scandalous Patriots on the NFL’s largest stage.

He tweeted, “The Pats have learned to celebrate the hell out of those AFC Championships because the know what comes 2 weeks later. #0-2inGlendale”.

Those acclimated with the internet know this type of direct taunting on the interwebs as trolling. Tynes, a member of the Giants for Super Bowls XLII and XLVI, delivered the jab at Patriots fans and made sure to acknowledge the Giants’ Super Bowl XLII victory in Glendale, AZ where next week’s title game will be played.

Now, it would be hard to find somebody less relevant in the current NFL landscape than Tynes. Typically a former kicker who hasn’t appeared in an NFL game in over two years (Tynes hasn’t played since the 2012 season) usually doesn’t find his was into headlines or garner the sacred attention of ESPN. Social media has once again created a story of it’s own.

The tweet itself was greeted with responses from irked Patriots fans looking to send the Tynes back to his troll hole. The Patriots though, have resumed as the official villains of the NFL (a void the Seahawks and domestic violence were previously filling). <,p> Even if a few underinflated footballs have a debated marginal impact on the outcome of a football game, the rumormongering topic has generated revived revulsion for the most successful NFL franchise in the new millennium. It’s terrific for the business of the NFL, which now can capitalize on the matchup of the old money nobility of the Patriots against the ambitious and aggressive conqueror that is the Seattle Seahawks.

If nothing else, Tynes gave Giants’ fans a reason to smirk this weekend as they reminisce about the last time New York played a February game in Glendale.

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