State of the Franchise: New York Giants

After missing out on the playoffs for the third straight season and the sixth time the past seven seasons, how should Giants fans feel about the state of the franchise with Tom Coughlin at the helm and Eli Manning calling the signals?

Should Giants fans be concerned over the offseason of inactivity? There are simple reasons to fret. Most notably, the Giants record wasn’t stellar, and their were various segments of the season in which both offensive and defensive futility ruled. Though, as often is the case, the NFL is dictated by the end product, not the beginning aspirations. In this regard, the Giants finished the season looking more inspired and more capable, and provided hope to a fan base intriguing talking points for the majority of the year. Now, heading into this offseason, here are three points of interest Giants fans should be keeping an eye on as preparation for the fall of 2015 begins.

The first is the re-hiring of Steve Spagnoulo as defensive coordinator. In order for this to take place, the Giants needed to part ways with Perry Fewell: a defensive coordinator who led Giants defenses to rankings at the bottom of the league each of the past two seasons. The re-hiring of Spagnoulo hopefully will re-invigorate a defense once known for abusing opposing quarterbacks.

The second is the stabilization of the organization with Tom Coughlin remaining the head coach. Despite recent struggles, Coughlin is still regarded as a consummate professional who always has his team prepared to compete. Despite owner John Mara’s inclination to “fire everybody” as the end of the season approached, he understood organization stability is ultimately more valuable then rash, impulsive decisions. Therefore, the sticking with Tom Coughlin will enable the Giants to maintain a strong, united front and continue the Giants mantra of personal professionalism to continue emanating from Coughlin.

The third and final point of interest is the return of Victor Cruz. With the emergence of Odell Beckham as a top receiver in the NFL, it will hopefully enable Cruz to shift his role away from primary playmaker and thereby increase his production value on the field. The one-two combination of Beckham and Cruz will provide a difficult scenario for defensive coordinators. Moreover, an offense that looked anemic for portions of the season should get a jolt from Cruz as another playmaker joins the offense alongside Beckham.

As evidenced by the other New York team, in times of transition, they choose change. However, the Giants, in times of transition choose stability. Its premature to decide which will play out, but let the debate begin.

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