Giants' OBJ slam dunks like the Cavs' LBJ

From awe inspiring catches to powerful field goal kicks and now jaw dropping slam dunks, New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. can truly do it all. Find out how the young pass-catcher imitated his childhood idol, LeBron James.

Move over LBJ, here comes OBJ! Odell Beckham Jr., the NFL phenom, playfully called out his NBA counterpart as the Giant showed off several monster jams via Instagram, once again highlighting his flair, talent, and athletic abilities.

The first, a tomahawk, deserves an A+ for execution as well as showmanship. It has the record-setting, (now) former rookie displaying his famous one hand grab as he holds a regulation-size basketball with ease and takes off from an impressive distance and finishes with ease. The audience is then given a further gift courtesy OBJ’s victory slam dance which could easily become his signature celebration.

The second and third are quite curious given that the receiver is wearing his sunglasses and a bag pack during both of them and, in one of them, he is in the middle of a conversation with someone on his cell phone. The second dunk is a straight up vertical that Vince Carter would be proud of while the last one can be considered a mix of the first two as Beckham takes a similar angle as the tomahawk but is more dependent on his vertical.

It was a couple of years ago that the 2-time NBA champion flirted with the idea of transitioning into a football player, presumably as a tight end. While no indication was made that he was serious about the idea, it did bring up an interesting conversation: if LeBron James was in the NFL, would he be any good? And if so, how good?

With the worldwide premiere of his own dunk mixtape, Odell Beckham has no doubt given rise to another debate. Could he play in the NBA, would he be effective, what position would he play, and for what team, all these and so many other points will no doubt be discussed across the nation and world due to the crispness and naturalness in which Beckham threw down.

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