Free Agent Frenzy: Andre Johnson

Andre Johnson has requested his release from the Houston Texans and if the team grants his wish, will the New York Giants a suitor for the veteran wide receiver?

The current cast of wide receivers presents an interesting dilemma for the Giants. Should Big Blue stick with their core group of young, hungry and talented receivers in the hopes of achieving consistency with each, or break up the group via trading for a proven veteran commodity? In this case, the veteran is Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson. The unproven part in this current receiving corps is not related to NFL preparedness, but achieving NFL consistency in a league often praised for its seasonal adjustments.

Of the wideouts, only Victor Cruz is a proven commodity, while Odell Beckham Jr. is currently only a one season wonder, while Rueben Randle is an enigma. As with any potential trade, while it is important to look introspectively at the Giants roster, it is just as paramount to view the player the organization would be receiving.

This is where the acquisition becomes dicey. Andre Johnson has been a fabulous wide receiver throughout since Houston’s inception, however, the past few seasons his statistics have been on the stark decline. Therefore, if the Giants are expecting Johnson to be a top flight wide receiver, there expecting value is likely mistaken, as it is likely Johnson is no longer a No. 1 receiver on a contending team. Moreover, if they, in my view, mistakenly believe he still is a number one target, this likely will drive up of asking price from Houston, thus potentially reversing the team who benefits most from the deal.

With that said, the Giants, known for their shrewd management and ownership are likely to err on the side of caution, and not overestimate Johnson’s potential production. The necessity to make this specific deal is not high, though it seems relatively obvious the wide receiver position must be addressed either internally, or externally via trades or in the draft. Whether the Giants get Andre Johnson is a wait and see process, though Giants fans are hoping the wait and see turns process doesn’t lead to waiting and leaving the issue unaddressed before the season begins.

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