March Madness: Ektio Basketball Shoes for You

Whether your competing at a high level or just shooting hoops in the park, Ektio Basketball Shoes are your best bet to prevent dreaded ankle injuries. Find out about Ektio's unique ankle support technology and complete product line at

If you don't own a pair of Ektio Basketball shoes, you have no idea what you're missing. As an avid basketball player and unfortunate sufferer of multiple ankle injuries in the past, I can attest to the fact that these shoes will not only give you peace of mind, but take your game to a whole new level.

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Regardless of your age, skill level or field of competition, Ektio's lightweight design, sturdy ankle brace and strap provide the perfect balance of support, comfort and performance. Don't take my word for it? See what Ektio Founder/CEO Dr. Barry Katz and former New York Knicks guard John Starks has to say about the shoe that is attempting to eliminate ankle sprains.

"Ankle sprains are now optional. The choice is yours. Ektio footwear."
Starting to catch my drift? Visit and find your pair today. Read below to find out how Ektio Works!

How It Works!

- Ektio Ankle Support Technology

- Clinical Studies and Testing Results

- Improves Shooting Efficiency review of the Ektio Breakaway:

Support 10/10: "This is where the Ektio brand is king. They beat all other brands in shear support. If you NEED support then this should be the shoe you go after."

Survey of Ektio Customers: 64% Claim the Ektio Shoe has Prevented a Potential Ankle Sprain, 30% said it May have Prevented a Potential Sprain- That's 94%!

Master the Innovation

Ektio Shoes are the first physician-designed athletic shoes that provide maximum ankle support without limiting any mobility. Ektio shoes allow a full range of motion as compared to the alternatives, allowing the athlete to compete at the highest level. Players can now play harder and with more confidence, knowing they've protected themselves when danger strikes!

Ektio technology consists of 2 straps built within the walls of the shoe and anti-rollover bumpers designed to provide extra stability and leverage.

Strap 1 wraps all the way around the walls of the shoe and supports the lateral ligaments of the ankle, the ligaments that tend to sprain when you land on another players foot (pictured on the bottom left). Strap 2 lays directly over the ankle mortise (where the foot and the leg make a right angle, directly over your ankle) and locks you into the back of the shoe to limit movement within the shoe, bringing the foot and the shoe together as a single unit (pictured on the upper right, below).

How Ektio Protects Your Ankles During Game Play

Ektio technology also offers patented anti-rollover bumpers designed to provide extra leverage and stability to the shoe, so you can cut hard and play quick, without fear of the shoe going overboard! Outsoles that are very thin may increase the risk of rollover of the ankle. Think of an SUV (top heavy) going 100 miles/hour and sharply turning left or right, it’s bound to tip over!


How does the Ektio technology compare to wearing braces or tape?

When wearing a brace or tape, the foot is attached to the brace or tape, but those are not attached to the shoe, which allows for movement within the shoe. When you land on an uneven surface, your foot can still go in an opposite direction from the brace or tape, which can still result in a sprain. While braces or tape can help keep the ankle stable, they cannot limit the movement going on inside the shoe.

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