Jonathan Casillas adds playmaking to LB corps

The signing wasn't frontpage material, but linebacker Jonathan Casillas will provide playmaking at a linebacker spot that has been devoid of talent the past few seasons.

The NY Giants marked the official start of NFL free agency as they recently signed on linebacker Jonathon Casillas. The 27-year-old, who played for the Tampa Bay Bucaneers and New England Patriots in the 2014 season, agreed to a three-year $10.5 million deal for the Giants.

While there has not been much media coverage on the signing, Casillas’ impressive stats throughout his six-season career and the Giants need for a linebacker has made for a very good trade for the team. In his career, Casillas has 109 tackles and three sacks, and has proved to be a strong weak side linebacker. This trade is important now more than it has ever been as the Giants have struggled with unproductive drafts and lack of consistent, reliable players among their roster.

Casillas would be able to take the weak side linebacker spot for Jon Beason, who suffered a foot injury in the 2014 season. Recently, largely due to this injury, Beason received a pay cut that increased the Giants to $16 million in cap space. This growth in cap space may prove to be very helpful for the team as they look forward to the 2015 draft to strengthen their roster even more. Beason reportedly supported this pay cut though since it would allow him the chance to continue playing on the Giants. The future of Beason’s career, therefore, is relatively unstable. He played in only four games last season due to his injury and Casillas will more than likely take his position as a more stable and consistent linebacker for the team.

As the Giants look to the 2015 draft, they should put much consideration into ensuring that they are choosing the most reliable and consistent players that will help improve the program moving forward. When targeting the linebacker position, the Giants should consider making their pick in the third round of the draft. The reason for this is that as they just signed on Casillas, who is predicted to be a positive outlook for the team, they should focus in their first two rounds more on their picks for the tackle position where they need to look for a successful and reliable starting player.

So as the Giants prepare for their next season, they should feel confident in their decision to sign Casillas for their linebacker, and also be reassured that they still have Beason if he is able to comeback from his injury successfully. The team’s draft picks will be very important for the program this year as they look to build a strong roster that can carry them through the next season.

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