Does Tim Tebow signing impact the NFC East?

Mark Sanchez has his best friend back in quarterback Tim Tebow, but will the media darling make a splash on the field or just create a public relations nightmare?

On Saturday April 19th the Philadelphia Eagles announced the signing of former Broncos, Jets and Patriots quarterback Tim Tebow. The deal features a one year $660,000 contract, however comes with no guaranteed money for the Christian icon.

Tebow faces an uphill battle to even make the roster as he joins one of the deepest quarterback depth charts in the league. The Eagles currently have Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez and Matt Barkley all under contract for the 2015 season, and have not shown distaste for any of their quarterbacks since the arrival of the former first round pick. That being said, it is unlikely that the Eagles use a 53 man roster spot to carry a fourth QB.

Despite typical media speculation on Tebow, the Eagles announced that they signed the former Heisman trophy winner to the team at the quarterback position. While some analysts have jumped to conclusions on how offensive guru Chip Kelly can use Tebow in creative schemes, Yahoo! Sports reports that the Eagles stated that they signed the quarterback because they saw a much improved player than the QB who was cut by the New England Patriots after the 2013 preseason.

While this signing has attracted significant media attention, without an injury to Sam Bradford (which is not the most unlikely thing in the world) and Sanchez performing as an inept backup, it’s unlikely that Tebow will receive quality game time during the course of the NFL season. This also falls under the assumption that Tebow outplays former USC quarterback Matt Barkley in the preseason.

Tebow has stated that he has been working with quarterback mentor Tom House, who also worked with the likes of Tom Brady and Drew Brees. Tebow worked with House before his time with the Patriots, however apparently reverted to his old throwing habits during the pressures of game time.

Since the odds are stacked against Tebow to even make the roster, let alone have an impact in the regular season, (outside of jersey sales and an increase in media attention), the Eagles new addition is unlikely to have any effect on the Giants and the remainder of the NFC East. Either way, a lot more viewers will be tuning in to the Eagles preseason game to see if the 27 year old has made any significant strides of improvement over the last two offseason.

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