Giants Three Must-Win Games in 2015

As the NFL regular season approaches, the Giants Beat breaks down the three most important games on the G-Men’s 2015 schedule.

1. Week 7 – Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants – October 25th @ 4:25PM

The Week 7 rematch of these two division rivals is ranked as the Giants most important game as it will likely directly impact the winner of the NFC East. If the Giants drop their season opener against the ‘Boys, this game garners even more importance as the Giants will need to at least maintain a 1-1 record against the Cowboys if they hope to regain the divisional crown. This game also features superstar wide-outs Dez Bryant and Odell Beckham Jr, as well as veteran quarterbacks Tony Romo and Eli Manning. While all divisional games are important, this classic matchup takes the number one seed as the Cowboys are the current reining NFC East champs.

2. Week 17 – Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants – January 3rd @ 1:00PM

Another divisional opponent holds the two spot on the Giants most important must-win games this season. This concluding game could mean playoffs or bust for both teams heading into week 17, and also will give the Giants to chance to either sweep or tie their series with the rival Eagles. This matchup doesn’t hold the star power typical of a featured game, but it doesn’t hinder the importance of the outcome to both of these teams that could potentially be win-or-go-home football. The Eagles and Giants also have a storied rivalry, and the Giants will be looking for redemption all season after being swept by the Eagles a season ago.

3. Week 13 – New York Jets vs New York Giants – December 6th @ 1:00PM

There are a few games worthy of the three spot on these ranking, however the battle of New Meadowlands Stadium currently occupies the slot. This game matches two state rivals against each other as well as their defined fan bases. Both teams will be playing in their home stadium in this rare occurrence and there are a few matchups to watch for, including Odell Beckham Jr. going up against the top CB all-pro from a season ago, Darrelle Revis. The Jets also added Brandon Marshall to their offense, so the duo of Marshall and Decker will be an exciting challenge for this Giants secondary. If the Giants want to make this the post-season, this is a must-win game as it shows they can beat arguably equally talented rosters. Lastly, both teams will also be selecting in the top 10 of this year’s draft, adding two more highly talented players to this game.

Honorable Mentions:

New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins, New Orleans Saints

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