Giants Draft Recap: Boom and Bust Picks

The New York Giants made some major headway filling up holes along their depth chart and the Giants Beat takes a look at the major boom and bust of the 2015 NFL Draft.


Landon Collins, S, Alabama

The Giants overall did some great work overall in the first three rounds of the draft. The needs matched the value and they came away with two immediate starters in the first two rounds. In getting Landon Collins without reaching in round one, the Giants accomplished something I was skeptical they would actually be able to do in filling the hole at safety with a legit top prospect. Jerry Reese should be applauded in his aggressive move to go up and get Collins once he fell out of round one.

I like the Flowers and Ohdighizuwa picks as well, but there is significant bust potential with both players. They’re classic Giants picks - big, strong and athletic players with massive upside. With the heavy focus on potential comes an obvious risk that the player may not reach it however. Flowers is a work-in-progress in pass protection while Ohdighizuwa brings injury concerns and a pass rushing rawness that raises some red flags. Collins, on the other hand, is polished and ready to be an impact player from day one.

Skim through the post-draft analysis of virtually anyone and it is impossible to find a bad word about the Giants’ move up to select Collins. Not only does he mitigate the loss of Antrel Rolle, he has the ability to help the defense in two trouble areas last year: cleaning up in run defense and covering tight ends. There is simply a lot to love about this pick and little to dislike.


Mykkele Thompson, S, Texas

The universal praise of the Landon Collins selection is rivaled by the collective head scratching of the team’s fifth round selection, Texas safety Mykkele Thompson. Thompson played some safety and nickel corner for Texas, but was mostly noted as a special teamer. He had a strong pro day, and that likely is what put him on the map in the eyes of the Giants brass.

If you haven’t heard much of Thompson, you’re not alone - had no grade available for Thompson and CBS Sports had him listed as their 697th overall prospect. The Giants according to Thompson were the only team to host him for an official visit.

It is tough to be too critical of any pick that happens after round four, but this is a pick that caught everybody, including Thompson himself, by surprise. His value is likely strictly as a special teamer, putting him at a disadvantage compared to any player offering both special teams value and potential on offense or defense.

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