Giants, Manning reopen contract talks

The New York Giants are currently trying to work out a contract extension with Eli Manning before the start of the regular season.

With training camp starting later this weekend, it signals NFL season is coming up quickly. Giants quarterback Eli Manning and his agent Tom Condon are really pushing for a new long-term deal for Manning before the season starts. It has been reported that they have reopened contract negotiations.

Undoubtedly both sides would like to finalize a new contract before the start of the season. Both sides would like some security looking towards the future. Whether a deal will get done will likely come down to many factors. Eli Manning will likely want to be paid like the two time super bowl wining quarterback Eli Manning, not the league leading interception thrower Eli Manning. Also, the Giants are going to try to avoid giving him too long of a contract with too much money upfront because at age 34 Manning is not getting any younger. Having said that, Eli definitely has some bargaining chips.

First, Eli Manning is the face of the New York Giants and is hardly replaceable. Similarly, in an article on, Manning’s agent Condon claimed that Eli Manning’s handle on the New York media is very impressive. Manning has been able to play in the NY market better than most have been or would be able to. Secondly and more importantly, in the NFL it is truly hard to have success without a solid quarterback so when you have one you need to keep it, if for no other reasons than because of the lack of alternatives. Furthermore, there are not going to be any two-time super bowl champion quarterbacks on the market. Even if there are, you are going to have to pay them too, and then you have the issues of the New York media, and replacing the face of your franchise, which won’t make it worth it unless your looking at Aaron Rodgers or Andrew Luck.

For a lot of these reasons I believe that the New York Giants want to get this done, and I believe that in some point over training camp, the deal will be finalized. Both sides would benefit from another 2-3 years together, and then once they get to that point, new negotiations would have to take place. But in the NFL planning more than 2-3 years out is pretty much useless anyway. This makes sense for both parties, so look out for this to be sorted out in the next couple of weeks.

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