Eli Manning replaces Rob Lowe in DirecTV ads

The Giants quarterback will be replacing Rob Lowe and featured in a series of DirecTV ads,

DirecTV has released a new advertisement featuring Eli Manning as their new spokesperson, replacing their highly-recognizable Rob Lowe commercials.

Manning will being doing the same spiel as the television star, introducing himself, saying "Hi, I'm Eli Manning," followed by a second, much uglier Eli Manning, "and I'm bad comedian Eli Manning." Eli's pilot commercial for the satellite television company highlights the football specials that DirecTV offers its customers, while also diminishing the value of the cable competitors.

Manning's charming and boyish demeanor make him the friendly and comfortable face of any media advertisement, and given the selected football features that DirecTV is trying to promote, it makes sense that they chose an NFL player as their spokesperson.

This of course isn't Manning's first commercial stint. The two-time Super Bowl champion has also been a spokesperson for Citizen Watches, Toyota Motors, Dunkin' Donuts, Gatorade as well as Oreo.

Both of the Manning brothers are no strangers to the media/advertising limelight, employing charismatic personalities as well as being heavy-fan favorites among the NFL. Manning's latest commercial with DirecTV does however end a streak of Rob Lowe's commercials, but the general theme will be survived through the Giants' quarterback.

Lowe's seven-figure deal with the satellite television company was reportedly too pricy to maintain, and thus resulting in his ads being yanked from the air. The other spokesperson for DirecTV, 24-year-old Hannah Davis, reportedly has signed a six-figure deal in the wake of his release.

Aside from her DirecTV ads featuring the talking horse on a tropical beach, the 24-year-old is also known as the girlfriend of famed baseball player Derek Jeter.

Manning joins DirecTV as a proven spokesman that generates crowd response. Regardless of his deal with DirecTV, Manning will still be one of the top 100 highest-paid athletes according to Forbes. Let's just hope his deal with DirecTV is more of a second priority once the regular season rolls around.

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