Jenkins on Pierre-Paul: He's in good spirits

New York Giants defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins spoke to Jason Pierre-Paul briefly following his July 4 fireworks accident and indicated that No. 90 is doing fine considering the circumstances.

Cullen Jenkins spoke with reporters this week about how the Jason Pierre-Paul situation affects the Giants moving forward. Jenkins, a long time veteran, insists that JPP is feeling good and is keeping his head held up high.

“I mean I didn’t ask him too much,” noted Jenkins on his conversations with Pierre-Paul. “The biggest concern was asking him how he was doing. He sounded in good spirits.”

Going into his twelfth season, Jenkins has a lot of tread on his tires, but he has been a consistently solid player, and will be looked to as a leader on the defensive line.

Pierre-Paul’s injury does affect Jenkins who has been at defensive end during the spring. Jenkins’ versatility is a huge plus, and he's been getting reps at both the defensive tackle and defensive end positions.

“Yeah, I have a preference, but I’m not going to tell you,” quipped Jenkins.

With teams not having played in the preseason, and with their still being a lot of uncertainty around the JPP situation, he isn’t sure at this time where he will see the most time. Nonetheless, the versatility is coveted and will be very useful.

“That is something that I can’t speculate on what his situation is,” noted Jenkins on when Pierre-Paul could be back. “I’m not fully aware of what is going on, so as teammates we are hopeful that he will be back here with us at some point.”

More importantly, Jenkins was very concerned about his teammate and is hoping that he is alright.

Like all of the Giants organization and fans alike they are all concerned about Pierre Paul’s health, and are mostly in the dark to the extent of the injury and any outlook as to when he may be back in a jersey.

Jenkins says although he wants to see him back on the field, he doesn’t want to speculate on the situation.

“We have a lot of very capable players on the defensive line,” noted Jenkins. “JPP is obviously the name on this defensive line. He is a star or that type of player that is really hard to replace.”

The emphasis, he says, must be on each player trying to get better in order to help the team.

His dominance helps free up other rushers to make plays. The absence of Pierre-Paul will cause others to need to step up, and Jenkins' leadership as a veteran will be vital. The defense has been criticized this offseason, but they have the pieces to improve mightily.

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