Vereen hungry for another ring

An underrated free agent signing this offseson, Shane Vereen is fresh off a Super Bowl championship, but he's not content with just one title to his name.

Shane Vereen is entering his fifth season in the NFL and his first with the New York Giants. The versatile running back was signed in free agency this offseason and is still learning the ropes of the Giants offensive scheme. Vereen spoke with the Giants Beat and talked about his new role, Eli Manning, and his perpetual motivation.

During his first few days of training camp Vereen is still feeling out his role in the Giants’ offense. Having only been practicing for a limited time, it’s hard to pinpoint the repetitions he should expect and whether he will be used as more of a receiving threat or all-purpose back.

“It’s still a waiting game,” stated Vereen. “I mean, we’re still on the cusp of day one, first practice, so I guess the role is kind of going to play itself out.”

Despite his primarily receiving role in New England, the California alum believes that he has the makings of an every down back.

“If anything, I’ve always taken it upon myself to show that I can be a complete back. I take pride in that, I take pride in doing all things well that are asked of a running back, and just be a very solid, dependable back.” <>That being said, a big attraction to Vereen’s well-rounded talents are his Velcro-like hands. The running back recorded 11 receptions in the Patriots Super Bowl victory over the Seahawks. With all of the vertical threats in the Giants’ offense, there is a lot of room for Vereen to operate underneath; he believes he can use that space effectively.

“I think it can be very effective,” stated Vereen. “I think we have a lot of weapons on this offense and the more we get going, the more we start trusting and learning each other.”

The swiss-army-knife running back also said that the playbooks of the Giants and Patriots are similar from the perspective of a running back, but are written in completely different “languages.” As for his quarterback comparison, Vereen sees a lot of similarities between Tom Brady and Eli Manning.

“They both work extremely hard on and off the field,” admitted Vereen. “They’re both masters of the game, the way they look at it, the way they teach it, and the way they carry themselves. They’re both leaders.”

While Vereen appeared to be an ideal fit for New England, the running back didn’t hesitate in free agency, being one of the first signings of the offseason. When asked about what lured him to the Giants the running back gave a very blunt answer.

“They didn’t really have to say much. Historically, this one of the best, if not the best franchise, in football. Just to have the opportunity to come here, I mean it’s kind of hard to say no.”

His passion for the G-Men is already apparent, and his drive to win another title is still in full-swing despite being a current reigning champion. Vereen commented on his desire to bring a title to New York and another ring to his finger.

“It only increases,” noted Vereen of his desire to win another title. “To me, I’m more motivated now than I have been in my past four seasons because I know what it feels like and you want to have that feeling more and more.”

Vereen will continue to develop his role as training camp continues, and hopefully he has an established spot in the Giants’ offense when the regular season commences.

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