Randle 'just competing' in talented WR room

Rueben Randle understands his role in the New York Giants offense and he's simply trying to be the best version of himself and improve each day during training camp.

Entering the 2015 regular season the Giants offense is potentially the most potent it’s been since 2011. Boasting the reigning offensive rookie of the year, Odell Beckham Jr, a returning-to-form Victor Cruz, Rueben Randle and Eli Manning in contract years, and newly added swiss-army knife running back Shane Vereen; this offensive unit has a lot of versatile weapons.

The receiving corps is creating some high expectations, as Randle, Beckham, and Cruz never were really on the field together at all a season ago. Also, having another year in offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo’s system under their belts, there are a lot of positive things that can transpire. Rueben Randle spoke with The Giants Beat on his personal improvements as well how he envisions the offense to take form.

“I just want to get better everyday,” Randle responded when asked about what he expects from himself. “Whenever I take the field, I just want to get better and improve myself in this offense. That’s what I want to do.”

The constant mental and physical strides to improve his game have shown up in his stats the last few seasons. In 2014 he doubled his career receiving yards and had more receptions than his first two seasons combined. He ended the year with 71 receptions for 938 yards and three touchdowns. Of course a majority of his production came without Victor Cruz in the lineup. When Randle was asked about how Cruz’s return to corps will impact the offense he gave a professional answer.

“We all have to be interchangeable out there within the offense,” stated Randle. “We’re all just trying to go out there and compete and make sure we make each other better each and every day.”

The experience Randle gained last season as the number two target is insurmountable, as he can now be a plug and play starter if any injuries arise to Cruz or OBJ. The interchangeable aspect of the receiving corps give their offensive unit a lot of depth. Randle also commented on how it’s possible for every receiver to be satisfied with their touches per game.

“There are a lot of good receivers inside here right now, and we’re just trying to come out here and have fun,” said Randle. “We know it’s a business, and that’s part of the game, but I think we’re a pretty close-knit unit, and we’re just going to come out here and give our best each and every day.”

Aside from his comments on trying to constantly improve, Randle was also asked about if there is any aspect of playing SEC football that better prepares a player for the pros. The four year LSU alum gave a modest and insightful response.

“I think the coaching— the coaching also helps, along with the competition in the league [the SEC], the experience you get, and the things that they teach you are trying to help you when you’re coming to the NFL,” stated Randle.

Clearly there are plenty of examples of SEC success stories, let’s just hope that Randle’s and OBJ’s success translates to a productive Giant’s offense in 2015.

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