Watch: Flowers still out with injured hip

The New York Giants can't afford any more injuries to their offensive line and they're hoping that Ereck Flowers' injured hip flexor will heal in a speedy fashion.

Giants’ newly drafted left tackle Ereck Flowers has received an ample amount of praise throughout OTAs and the start of training camp; however the coveted first round pick has slid into some injury trouble.

Flowers has been listed as day to day with a hip flexor injury, resulting in missing valuable practice time on the field. The ninth overall pick spoke with The Giants Beat about his injury as well as his first few days at camp.

The 6-foot-6 left tackle didn’t have too much to say about his hip flexor, however when asked about the recovery process and how he could improve his physical state, he said applying rest and treatment. “Really, just the treatment. When it first happened, I wasn’t able to lift it, but now I can lift it up,” noted Flowers of the injury. “So, it’s getting better, I should be practicing soon.”

While the immediate effects of the injury were troubling, Flowers has already progressed to a point where the injury is only slightly hindering him. With a few more days of rest under his belt, the left tackle should be able to return to fully participating in training camp. Also if his previous injury history is a harbinger of his future health then the Giants nabbed a consistent starter, as the University of Miami Alum has never had a lingering injury problem.

“I mean I’ve never been hurt,” stated Flowers. “One time I came back in a week and a half after surgery. I usually heal pretty fast and do pretty well, so I’ll definitely be out there really soon.”

The fast-healing Flowers hopefully will be able to prove his durability as the season begins and churns on. The tackle also talked about what he has improved most during his short active time in training camp.

“Hand placement, my hand placement has gotten a lot better,” said Flowers. “Just overall technique.”

The biggest knock on Flowers heading into the draft was that while he had the physical intangibles he wasn’t polished; the advancement in his technique through the beginning half of training camp is already a good sign. The rookie commented on how is able to progress so efficiently with a great support system.

“All the players help me,”noted Flowers. “Even a second-year guy like [Weston] Richburg—he’s helped me a tremendous amount. Everybody is just there and helping each other.”

It’s no surprise to see teammates lend each other a helping hand, especially since this injury is slightly delaying his progression. Flowers also summed up his overall thoughts on the hip flexor injury and missing time on the field.

“Yeah, definitely disappointing,” admitted Flowers. “Any practice you miss, it’s disappointing.”

While it would certainly be nice to hear that from another member of the Giants, Flowers work ethic and passion to be on the field should be noted and appreciate by the Giants’ faithful.

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