Richburg expects 'physical' joint-practice

The New York Giants will be running practice with the Cincinnati Bengals starting next week and center Weston Richburg isn't shying away from what he expects to be an intense battle.

Giants offensive lineman Weston Richburg is entering his sophomore season with the G-Men after being drafted in the second round of the 2014 draft. Richburg was interviewed by The Giants Beat and talked about the Giants upcoming joint practice with the Cincinnati Bengals as well as the physicality it may entail.

On August 11 and 12 the Giants will be in Cincinnati having a co-run practice with the Bengals leading up to their August 14 preseason opener. Richburg believes that meeting will be a physical affair.

“I think it will be real physical, especially against their front seven,” stated Richburg. “They’re good players and it’ll be good for us to see somebody other than guys we’ve been practicing against for a couple weeks.”

The change of pace will be relieving however it wouldn’t be out of the question to see a fight provoked during the joint practices. The two teams don’t have a historic beef with one another, however fights sometimes tend to peek their way out of these joint practices.

“I’m sure the intensity will be ramped up quite a bit,” commented Richburg. “That’s all I’ve seen. We’ve never experienced it, but we’ve seen fights and stuff from other teams. It’ll be physical, I’m sure, which we’re excited about.”

While the physicality is appealing to someone playing in the heart of an NFL offensive line, Richburg isn’t looking to poke around for fight or start any sort of rumble. The Colorado State alum is just looking to play some football.

“I’m going to play some football and that’s my goal,” said Westburg. “Play football and get everything going with the offensive line.”

Hopefully the joint practices will be beneficial to both rosters and the experience ends in a pleasant way rather than a bitter one.

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