Beckham turns to Cruz for advice, support

Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz will be Eli Manning's favorite targets once the season gets underway, but during training camp they're leaning on each other to manage the pressure from fans and the media.

Odell Beckham Jr. is no stranger to the spotlight, but when things get hectic he doesn’t hesitate to lean on his fellow star wide receiver for support. Victor Cruz has seen the highs and lows of playing in New York and has served as a mentor during Beckham’s ascension to stardom. While the two receivers will form one of the most dynamic forces the NFL has to offer, their bond goes well beyond the gridiron.

“All the time,” said Beckham of calling on Cruz for support. “I’m always clowning with him just about how crazy things can get sometimes or how crazy things may feel sometimes, but I just think about him and I know that he’s been there, so if I ever need to ask someone for any kid of advice I can always go to him.”

Beckham has become the apple of the media’s eye, and Cruz knows all too well about becoming a superstar with Big Blue. Coming off knee surgery, Cruz is still working his way back into the mix and developing his timing and rhythm during training camp. Few have questioned whether Cruz’s star has lost its luster, but Beckham’s rise to elite status has somewhat overshadowed the former UMass standout. Despite their friendly rivalry, Cruz and Beckham remain close-nit and try to push each other to new heights.

Beckham is still adjusting to the daily grind of playing the NFL along with all of the obligations and privileges that come along with representing the shield.

”Something that I just take in day by day," noted Beckham of handling the media and fan pressure. "I always thought you’re in the NFL and you’re a football player, but I never thought that there was so much more to it than there is. It’s definitely not a bad thing. You just live and you learn and you have to find the right way to do things."

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