Odell Beckham amped for first preseason game

New York Giants second year wideout Odell Beckham Jr. has yet to experience a preseason contest, so Friday night will be his first taste of exhibition football.

On Friday, August 14, Odell Beckham Jr will be partaking in his first ever preseason game. The decorated second-year pro has already made an appearance in the pro bowl as well as being the cover model for this season’s madden game; however Friday night’s game will be a first for the reining offensive rookie of the year. When asked about his mentality going into the game, OBJ gave an honest but supportive answer.

“It’s tough being competitive and feeling like you didn’t get anything done, and you’re only in there for however long you’re going to be in there for,” Beckham Jr stated truthfully. “Just watch these others guy who are going to be playing, and cheer on my teammates.”

Hopefully Beckham will still be eager to play on when he lines up on the field with the first unit offense, despite the brevity of their stay on the field. However, the LSU alumni knows that he can use the preseason as an opportunity to refine his craft.

“I feel like I’ve learned more, I’ve seen things. Still, all in all, I’m a young player, I still have things that I definitely have to work on and always want to continue to improve. I try and find those things and I try to find my weaknesses, and try and really work on them.”

A lot of fans, players and experts alike have a hard time poking holes in OBJ’s game, as the rookie came onto the NFL scene and gave the league one of the most stellar performance by a rookie wide receiver since Randy Moss. Odell Beckham Jr elaborated on his weakness.

“Just my passion for the game gets in the way sometimes,” the second year receiver expanded on. “That anger, and all those things come into play, and it doesn’t always work in my favor in my own way. But then again, it helps me out a lot in other ways. It comes out and it brings out the best in me. Finding a way to channel that anger, and that passion, it’s really what I’m working on.”

While Beckham’s anger drives him to be great on the field it sometimes allots to let his emotions get the better of him. Beckham is combating this weakness with channeling his thoughts more productively.

“It’s a lot of work. Just talking to yourself, whatever it is you need to do at the moment.”

Beckham will be taking the field at 7:30 eastern time where he will be opposing fellow LSU teammate Jeremy Hill, in what should make for an exciting preseason matchup.

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