Moore: Training camp fight 'good and bad'

New York Giants defensive end Damontre Moore and offensive lineman Ereck Flowers got into a shoving match during practice, but both players insist that there is no lingering animosity following the fight.

Over the past few weeks, it seems that every day there is a fight that occurs during joint practices in training camp. Two melees in particular, the Rams and Cowboys and the Texans and Redskins, were rather headline-grabbing.

With the increase of joint practices along with the lack of any repercussions of fighting, in the middle of the August heat, they seem bound to occur. However, these fights are nothing new. New York Giants Damontre Moore and Ereck Flowers got into a scuffle at practice a few days ago.

Teammates have been fighting in training camp for decades at all levels of football, high school upward. Some coaches view it as a rite of passage in order to build camaraderie and come together as a team. Others don’t agree, viewing it as nonsense and an unnecessary distraction. Coach Tom Coughlin falls in the latter category.

Competitiveness, heat, and fatigue all play a role in these training camp fights. Having said that there is a difference between a scuffle between two teammates and an all-out brawl between two separate teams. Both show some level of being undisciplined, but two teammates can easily be put to the wayside, and can almost be beneficial.

“I feel like it’s good and it’s bad,” said Moore of his brush-up with Flowers. “”Playing with that much emotion and aggressiveness, and the competitive nature is really good, but it’s about finding that thin line of how to reach that point and get to that line without falling over. Obviously the other day, I fell over that line. I take full blame for it, and that was my fault. But like I said, I feel like it’s good to show that we have that competitive edge and that nobody should lay down.”

Moore and Flowers are both younger players, and Flowers is a rookie looking to impress his teammates and the coaching staff. After weeks of going up against your teammates, frustrations can get the best of you, but at the end of the day Moore says that he and Flowers have settled their differences.

“We’re both young and we’re both really energetic and very competitive,” noted Moore. “So it just happened. It’s just one of those things. We talked about it afterwards and we laughed about it and we were able to joke about it. You know, it comes with the territory.”

Moore and Flowers both have plenty of potential to make huge waves for the Giants this season. Now that this situation is water under the bridge, each can work towards making the best of the rest of their training camp and build off that going into the season.

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