Victor Cruz unlikely to play against Jaguars

Battling back from a devastating knee injury, Victor Cruz suffered a minor setback to his calf and isn't expected to play on Saturday night.

Victor Cruz’s road to returning to the gridiron remains a grind. On his way to coming back after suffering a brutal patellar tear in his right knee, Cruz and the Giants are still cautious and patient about his return. However, Cruz recently suffered a small setback, not to the knee, but to his opposite calf. “Just a little mix of dehydration, a little tweak running around, routes and stuff like that,” noted Cruz. “And it’s just one of those things that happen during the course of practice.” Cruz added that it felt better than it did yesterday and that he has been receiving some treatment on the calf. “They didn’t give me a timetable, but I know how it feels for me right now [compared to] how it did when it first happened,” noted Cruz. “It feels light years better than it did then. I doubt Coach will let me play this weekend, but we’ll see.”

The injury to the calf could very well have been a byproduct of his knee injury. Often times, in trying to be tentative with one injury, another one could stem from it. We will likely never know if that is the case with this situation, but the calf doesn’t seem to be anything that will keep Cruz out for an extended amount of time. The knee injury is still more concerning, because of the magnitude of the injury to his knee.

Although, caution is being taken, Cruz is itching to get out on the field.

“I mean if you leave it up to me, I want to play every day,” admitted Cruz. “But it’s obviously up to the training staff, so we’ll see what they say.”

Waiting until both sides agree he is fully healthy, seems to be logical decision. Cruz’s quickness and ability to get in and out of breaks is one of his advantages. Cruz is working on getting that back along with working on his rapport with quarterback Eli Manning.

Cruz knows that the journey isn’t over yet, but that his hard work will benefit him in the long run.

“I knew that the journey is long and hard,” noted Cruz. “It wasn’t going to be easy the rest of the way. I knew there would be something that would come up. Whether it be out here on the field or with my body, but I’m excited that it’s not something that’s major. It’s something I can get over, and something that’s not going to be a huge hindrance.”

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