Schwartz 'more comfortable' at right guard

Geoff Schwartz made his preseason debut on Saturday night after battling injuries throughout the summer. While it's still unclear whether Schwartz will play tackle or guard, the veteran lineman told reporters that he's more comfortable playing on the interior of the line.

An area where the Giants have made a concerted effort to improve is their offensive line. Guard Geoff Schwartz is a player the Giants are going to need to play well especially with the injuries to the line. Schwartz has been recovering his left leg after injuring last season, and he was able to use the preseason game against Jacksonville as a barometer to how he was feeling.

“It was good to be out there, it’s just nice,” noted Schwartz. “I feel like I’m back doing what I love to do. Game day is what you prepare for all week, and it’s good to just be out there with my teammates just trying to get better. Just exciting to finally be able to just do it.”

Schwartz health is very important to the team, especially with veteran tackle Will Beatty being out for the time being. The line will also need Schwartz as a veteran voice for the rest of the young line. The reps that Schwartz got in the preseason game were something he can build off of.

“I missed last week, obviously, and a whole week of practice,” said Schwartz. “I need as many reps as I can just to get myself in game shape and just practice. Every time I did something today was something that I haven’t done last year—I didn’t play right guard last year. I haven’t played right guard since 2013, so any reps I got today was extra reps to work on the things I need to work on.I was happy I was able to get a little more reps than I thought I would.”

It is still up in the air as to whether Schwartz will play tackle or guard, but most signs point to guard, which is his more natural position.

“I like right guard, I played that the longest in my career,” noted Schwartz. “I feel more comfortable there. Obviously, I can play tackle and I’ve done it before. Preferably, I’ve said it before, I like right guard. In a pinch, I can always play right tackle. It’s not a big deal for me at all.”

Probably the most important thing about Schwartz’s night was how he felt after the game. When asked if he felt any pain or anything, New York’s offensive lineman had no complaints to speak of.

“No, none at all,” noted Schwartz on lingering soreness. So I’m pleased with the way it went.”

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