Coughlin not concerned about Manning, Beckham

Tom Coughlin noted some accuracy and timing issues between quarterback Eli Manning and wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., but didn't appear overly concerned about his top two offensive playmakers heading into the regular season.

The New York Giants snagged a home preseason win against the Jacksonville Jaguars in a not-so-picturesque 22-12 victory. While the Giants can relish a victory, the first team offense looked partially out of sync, especially the chemistry between Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. The offensive line also played deeper into the first half than anticipated, a sign that they may still have some unity to build. Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin spoke on the two topic after the game.

Tom Coughlin was relieved to grab a home win but was clear the organization has a lot to work on before the start of the regular season. When talking about Eli Manning and the quarterback play in general, the two-time Super Bowl champion coach was rather blunt.

“We came out throwing the ball, and obviously we were not as accurate as you’d like,” said Coughlin.

While this comment refers to the game as a whole, it is important to know that Manning targeted Beckham five times in the limited amount of time they had one the field together. Coughlin explained that it was a part of the game plan to get the reigning offensive rookie of the year involved in the game.

“We had a number of plays for him and tried to direct things in that direction,” Coughlin said in regards to Odell Beckham Jr. “But everybody has got to play better.”

The disconnect shouldn’t concern Giants fans, as the first quarter of a preseason game is hardly a harbinger of how the two will perform together in the regular season. Coughlin is aware that the chemistry is there even if it wasn’t evident Saturday night against the Jaguars.

“They will connect,” noted Coughlin of Manning and Beckham’s lack of chemistry this preseason. “Whatever you’re looking for there, I don’t know. Accuracy.... A little bit off with the ball. You saw one ball inside and it looked like it was going to be a sure completion and he couldn’t quite get to it.”

The head coach’s faith is well placed as given the talent between the two, it would be too unlikely to see this disconnection trend past a game or two. As far as the extended offensive line play, Coughlin commented that the purpose was for the line was to get some game-action to build more solidified chemistry.

“Obviously we’re trying to get some cohesion with the offensive line,” Coughlin noted. “We let them play a little bit longer. We had 30-something plays in the first half and we left the first line in there…I think for the most part they did okay.”

Coughlin added that he still has to examine the tape before he makes final judgements on anybody’s performance during the preseason outing. The extra game play should only effect the line positively, as in a rare occurrence for the Giants, none of their linemen were injured.

The Giants should see a stride of improvement in their next preseason matchup against the New York Jets, where the starters will be showcased for a majority of the first half, as the third preseason game is widely regarded as the most important.

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