Brown 'excited' to learn Spagnuolo's defense

Stevie Brown asked for his release from the Houston Texans last week and he's happy to be in his second stint with Big Blue.

Stevie Brown, fresh out of his physical, is officially a Giant again and is feeling “good” and “healthy". New York's newly signed safety believes the Meadowlands is a good place and that the defense could be a good fit for him. 

“Pretty exciting just being able to come back here --- seems like a position of need and it is a good fit [so] definitely exciting to come back.”

Brown, playing for his sixth team in six years (including his previous stint with Big Blue) was full of praise for the Houston Texans, his former team.

“We parted ways on good terms down there as well," noted Brown. "As for the release, it just wasn’t playing into the strengths that I have as a safety, so you know there [was] no point in being around there… I asked for my release. They were okay with it and they didn’t want to keep me there and, so I definitely appreciate them for doing that and let me go whenever I wanted to.”

As for actual gameplay, the journeyman safety hasn’t properly prepped yet but showed no fear.

“I haven’t actually sat down and looked at the defense yet but one thing about defense is, is that everybody plays a lot of similar coverages so it is just the techniques and the language that you have to learn,” noted Brown.

The Giants safety understands the “opportunity” being afforded and knows it’ll take time to get his head around playbook.

“I like to think I can come around tomorrow," said Brown. "Realistically it is going to take a few days --- it is definitely going to take a few days. There is always a learning curve, but I will be good.”

Brown’s heard nothing but positives from his new teammates about defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.

“They all like him and talking to Coach Merritt, Coach Merritt was just explaining to me a little bit of the philosophy that he runs out here on defense, saying even though I have mainly been known as a post player and everything like that, I can still come down into the box here and do what I need to do and the safeties are interchangeable, so there will be something good that I can do.”

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