Pugh preps Flowers for NFL debut

Justin Pugh shared some helpful advice for rookie tackle Ereck Flowers who will make his pro debut on Sunday night against the Cowboys.

With the preseason over and all eyes on the prize, Justin Pugh is raring to go. He enjoyed the prolonged warm-up when he spoke to reporters thiw wek.

“We did some good things. We had some good drives, you know— every game we worked on something and had something positive to take away from it.”


Pugh, part of a healthy offensive line, is optimistic for the season and believes the lack of injuries to his line can be a major source of potential success.

“The communication, the trust is there," said Pugh. "You’re not playing next to a guy that you haven’t played next to before… It’s a common factor that we have the same five up front that we’re used to.”


And although the Giants, as a whole, are dealing with some health issues, Pugh isn’t getting down, noting that the season is long,

“Some guys have missed a little bit of practice time and that may have thrown some things off, so I think we’re going to just keep getting better and better and we’re going to get this thing rolling. I think with the way we finished last year, I’m definitely excited with what we’re going to get done in this coming season.”


The former Syracuse Orangemen guard is “excited” and believes he’s “gotten better every game” but is still “learning”. He is entering his third season and is “seeing different things and ways to attack opponents at the new position.”

His teammates and he can’t wait for their week 1 matchup against the Cowboys.

“We have to have a big week coming up— have to have a great week of practice and preparation. I know the guys are looking forward to it and it’s going to be an exciting game.”   


Ereck Flowers, the rookie OT out of the University of Miami, is scheduled to make his professional debut in the game against the ‘Boys, and received some advice from Pugh who has been in those very cleats.

“You know, I started my first game ever [against the] Cowboys, Sunday Night Football, so I told him it’s going to be an electric atmosphere. It’s definitely going to be something that he’ll never forget. But just to go out there and calm his nerves down and go out there on that first play and just hit somebody, kind of shake off all those jitters, and just settle in and get ready to play one hell of a game.”


It’s not just the game that Flowers needs to be prepared for as Pugh continued “…you know, that stadium was insane. That first 100 thousand people with the roof closed— definitely a loud atmosphere, so that’s going to be a lot right in the beginning. Because Dallas, they put on a show that first game.”

Pugh closed by giving the rookie an additional vote of confidence, noting that "it's definitely a tough transition, but I think that he [Ereck Flowers] is more than capable of handling it and he’s going to be fine.” 

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