Collins' confidence high heading into opener

Landon Collins' confidence is riding high heading into the opener against Dallas.

For rookie Landon Collins expectations are high. After playing a couple of preseason games and going through training camp, Collins is ready to strap on the pads for his first regular season game.

 Collins is expected to start at the strong safety position. The other safety spot is seemingly still up in the air. Nat Behre suffered a calf injury that will have him sidelined for a while. Because of their lack of experience and depth, the Giants have added vets Brandon Meriwether and Stevie Brown. However, lately most of Collins’ reps have been with Cooper Taylor. Collins mentioned that he would be fine playing with anyone of those guys. 

“Whatever guy I play next to would be a tremendous honor because all these guys --- we all worked our butts off to play and get to this level and to be a dominant force," noted Collins. "Whoever is back there with me and whoever is back there at all is --- and no preference at all because we all have been switched up with each and every guy, so we all have a thing together.”

 After watching tape of the preseason game against the New England Patriots, he has seen himself grow as a player throughout preseason.  When asked if he sees the difference since he has seen an uptick in playing time the last couple of weeks Collins admits that he's getting accustomed to Steve Spanuolo's system.

“Just feeling more confident. Once you get confidence inside the system and [are] able to run around and fly around and be worry-free, that is the best feeling when playing for this defense.”

At the same time, Collins realizes that the regular season is a different animal.  When the Giants take the field on Saturday night in Dallas, the lights will be bright and the cameras will be rolling for their primetime opener. Collins is excited to play in his first regular season NFL game.

“Only thing I expect is the speed to be kicked up because you are going 1s against 1s --- there [are] not any second team people; you’re just going balls out and going after it.”

Collins is correct. Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, and the dominating offensive line of the Dallas Cowboys will be a step up from most of the pre-season competition.  

Collins was asked what his expectations were and if he is expected a bunch of people to be there.

 “I don’t know. I know my dad and a few other people --- my little brother and my stepmom are going to be there, so just family, close family, maybe three or four people. My expectations for the game are to be accountable, do my job and do it to the best of my ability. Whatever happens happens, and all you have to do is put your trust in the Lord.”

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