Tony Romo respects the Giants defense

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has matched up with defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo several times throughout his career and expects nothing but trouble from the defensive guru.

On Sunday the Giants and the Cowboys will be kicking off their first divisional showdown of 2015. The Giants will be without star defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul as he just returned to the team and has some rehabbing and catching up to do. No one should be more excited about JPP’s absence than Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo. The Dallas QB was interviewed by the Giants Beat on the ‘Boys’ upcoming matchup against the New York Football Giants.

Romo exemplified his veteran football IQ, displaying his patience throughout the interview on his views leading up to the game.

“In games like these, I found in the past…to guess what they’re trying to do throughout the game,” Romo said commenting on his expectations of the Giants defense. “I think you just want to rely on your rules, go out there and play the game, and trust what you see.”

The 13 year NFL pro knows that he will see a different defensive scheme from a season ago under new Giants’ defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo. This isn’t Romo’s first meeting against the vaunted D-coordinator, and he knows he is in for a game full of mixed pre-snap looks on Sunday night.

“I played against [Steve] Spagnuolo a number of times, he a great coordinator, and he’s going to give you a lot of trouble.”

The veteran quarterback was not shy about sharing the preparation he has done for Sunday night’s matchup. Romo didn’t just look at Giants tape, he looked at every defense influenced by Spagnuolo’s coaching.

“I’ve done both, Giants and Rams,” Romo stated on his tape studying. “I’ve done Giants, Rams, the Saints, the Ravens, and then obviously this year. You look at everything, you take the stuff you think is viable, and really what I think I would take moving forward, and the stuff that’s been successful that he’ll bring and who he is.”

The conversation drifted away from Romo’s expectations of the Giants defense over to his own interpretation of the Cowboys’ offensive development and changes from a season ago. Romo stayed positive about his offenses’ progression but did admit to some nerves.

“I’m anxious, just like everybody else, to go out and see our running backs compete and play this Sunday.”

This comment should be expected, as Demarco Murray was such an integral part of the offense a season ago. The Cowboys will be starting Joseph Randle and the change of pace back will be Darren McFadden. As for the ‘Boys’ offensive scheme development, Romo aloofly commented on the progress they have made from a season ago.

“As far as the scheme stuff, we’ve put in some new things that we haven’t shown and I’m pretty excited about. Hopefully that’ll just help make us a little bit better this year than we were.”

Romo will certainly have more of an opportunity to execute the scheme with JPP resting on the sideline. However, the Eastern Illinois alum did take time to praise the former pro bowl defensive end. 

“Well then I guess it’s a little bit of a situation where you feel like you always come to the line finding where Pierre-Paul is and he’s been a great player for a long time for them.”

Unfortunately for the Giants, JPP will not be chasing Romo down this Sunday Night, but the matchup will make for one of opening weekends most enticing games. 

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