Brandon Carr doesn't want to talk about Odell Beckham's catch anymore

The last time the Giants and Cowboys played, Odell Beckham Jr. made a one-handed catch that nearly broke the Internet. Now on the eve of the 2015 season opener, Dallas cornerback Brandon Carr has had enough talking about Beckham's nifty grab.

At this time last year not many questions were asked to opposing teams about how they plan to stop Odell Beckham jr.  The rookie hadn’t played an NFL snap, and was nursing a hamstring injury that would eventually cost him the first quarter of the regular season.  Things have changed. OBJ made one of the greatest catches of the decade, following that up with over 90 catches for 1305 yards and a Pro Bowl appearance, and now he’s a household name.

 This year the Cowboys are tired of answering questions about OBJ and his famous catch against them last season.  According to, Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr is tired of the questions.

 “I'm sick of talking about it a year later. It's old. I don't want to talk about no more,” said Carr.

 Even OBJ himself doesn’t bask in the glory of the one handed snag. 

 “I don’t really turn it on and watch it anymore,” said Beckham. “I’ve seen it a few times, maybe once or twice. And it is what it is. I can’t really say much more about it.”

 However, he does acknowledge that, on the other hand, fans won’t stop talking about the catch.  When asked if he had a dollar for every time he was asked about it he responding saying, “I’d be rich. I’d be rich. I’d be rich, for sure. I’ve been asked about it a few times, for sure.”

 As far as the game goes on Sunday, Beckham is focused on doing what he can to help the team.  Even though the Giants are likely to be without veteran Victor Cruz, OBJ doesn’t put too much pressure on himself, and is willing to pick up the slack in the slot or other ways if needed.

  “With him not being able to play this first game, they’re going to move guys around,” stated Beckham. “That’s what we’ve practiced, just moving guys around. Everybody has to know every position.” He continued, “Like I said, there’s no extra pressure to go out and do anything extra than what you’re supposed to do. Just go and like we always say, ‘Do your job.’”

 OBJ shares a similar sentiment with most Americans when it comes to Sunday.

 “I can’t wait. Just trying to stay calm and just let it build up to the game,” admitted Beckham. “I’m not trying to use it all at practice. I’m definitely looking forward to this Sunday and being able to get out there and finally get back to football.”

 OBJ may not make the same eye-popping, head scratching, catch this time around, but don’t be foolish enough to think it can’t happen again.  Pure luck, it surely wasn’t.

In reference to it being a great catch, he said, “I appreciate it. I try, I practice it.”

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