Eli Manning told Rashad Jennings not to score a TD in the final moments of Sunday night's game against the Cowboys

Eli Manning owned up to his mistake on Monday when he told his running back not to score a touchdown late in the fourth quarter on Sunday against the Cowboys.

It was one of the most bizarre late game sequences that we’ve seen in the NFL and on Monday afternoon via conference call  quarterback Eli Manning tried to provide an explanation for his fourth quarter gaffe.


Manning spoke to Rick Laughland of The Giants Beat and admitted that he was the one who instructed running back Rashad Jennings to fall down short of the goal line on first and second down in order to waste the clock.


The only problem is that Manning miscalculated. New York’s signal-caller thought the Cowboys had one timeout remaining when they actually had two, so not only did Jennings not score but Dallas was able to stop the clock after both runs.


As if Manning’s poor advice wasn’t bad enough, he committed the most inexplicable blunder by throwing an incomplete pass on third down instead of just taking a sack and running the clock down.


At least Manning owned up to his mistake and took the fall for a lapse in concentration and clock management. 

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