Tom Coughlin won't focus on the Dallas Cowboys loss in Week 1 instead he turns his attention to the Atlanta Falcons.

The New York Giants are still bothered by their opening week loss, but Tom Coughlin wants his team to turn its attention to its Week 2 opponent, the Atlanta Falcons.

Tom Coughlin spoke to the media on Wednesday regarding the Giants upcoming matchup against the Falcons, but was very brief regarding the situation of last weekend’s game against division rival Dallas Cowboys.

 "We’ve had the conversations, and we’re on to Atlanta," noted Coughlin on the tough Falcons loss.

Coughlin is mainly focusing towards moving onto an opponent that defeated a previously highly touted Philadelphia Eagles team Monday night. However, he did talk about what he viewed as the challenges as a head coach coming of the controversial ending to the game.

 “The challenge is simply to recognize the encouraging things that happened in the game. I thought we played hard, we were aggressive. We’ve got to continue, obviously, to do that. But we’ve also got to get our X’s and O’s better. Our offensive execution and the fact that the offensive team, their responsibility is not only to protect the ball but score touchdowns. So that’s basically where we are.”

 The first thing that many think of when they think of the Falcons is their aerial attack, specifically Julio Jones. Despite a change in the offensive system which is moving away from their previous ways of offense which featured a lot of passing, Julio Jones proved that he is one of the top receivers in the league with his game against the Eagles.  Jones hauled in 9 catches for 141 yards and two scores.  While Julio will assuredly be a concern, their overall offense is different from previous seasons.

 Coughlin mentioned that Jones and the rest of the supporting cast of weapons for the Falcons are great players, and said this of the new offensive regime.

 “Well, Kyle Shanahan is the coordinator. They’re up-tempo, west coast. They do some no-huddle, it’s not always to create the fast circumstance. They will interject it when they want to. They’re pretty quick out of the huddle when they huddle. But they are an outstanding play-action team, outstanding.”

 New head coach Dan Quinn, who was previously the defensive coordinator in Seattle, showcased his coaching ability and defensive prowess Monday night, when he stifled an Eagles offense that was considered one of the best in the league. Coughlin is aware of the challenge that Quinn provides. Coughlin talks of their aggressiveness saying,

They play an aggressive style of defense, they’re a pressure defense. They rotate the defensive linemen in and out of the game, they keep them fresh. They get after the quarterback and after the running game. They played very aggressively (Monday) night.”

 Look for the Giants to fight that aggressiveness, with some of their own.  When asked if he would like to see the ball thrown down the field more Coughlin said, “I would like to see the ball down the field. I don’t want the ball turned over, but I would like to see the ball down the field, yes.”

 After an extremely disappointing ending to a bitter rival, Giants faithful cant help but be deflated. However, as Coughlin has preached, that result is over and moving forward is important.  The Giants will do so in front of their home crowd on Sunday as they place the Atlanta Falcons. Coughlin said he is looking for an enthusiastic and energetic crowd and that hopefully the team can give them something to cheer about.

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