Jason PIerre-Paul's injured hand could be a lot worse than initially thought

Giants fans feared the worst following Jason Pierre-Paul's July 4 fireworks mishap and now new photos reveal the extent of the damage to the star pass-rusher's injured hand.


New photos have surfaced of Jason Pierre-Paul’s injured right hand and cast serious doubt over his return to football field in 2015. The Giants defensive end posted a workout video on his Instagram account and the New York Daily News provided a freeze frame close-up of his hand without bandages and the aftermath isn’t good.

The photo confirms earlier reports that in addition to amputating his right index finger, Pierre-Paul appears to be missing the tip of his right thumb. Rumors have also been circulating that he has nerve damage to his right middle finger and has lost significant weight since the surgery and rehab process.

Meanwhile, the Giants struggled mightily to generate a pass-rush in their devastating Week 1 loss to the Dallas Cowboys as Tony Romo only sustained quarterback one hit throughout the entire contest.

 It’s looking more in more like Pierre-Paul will be a long shot to return with Big Blue this season and given the severity of his hand injury, his NFL career could be in serious jeopardy.

 The Giants are planning to reevaluate Pierre-Paul in five to six weeks, but even time won’t bring back his amputated index finger or the tip of his thumb. 

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