Opponents have a plan to defend Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. has been held at bay thoughout the preseason and Week 1 and offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo doesn't think that force feeding him the ball is the right answer moving forward.

The New York Giants are ready to retake the field against the Atlanta Falcons this Sunday after a disappointing season opener. Despite suffering a defeating loss, morale around the Giants organization is still high and the offense is looking to bounce back. Offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo spoke with the Giants Beat about the offensive keys to the game and what improvements can be made to the offense against the Falcons.

We had some accuracy things that we can improve on,” McAdoo commented about the passing game. “In the run game, we kind of got better as the game went on but we need to start that, we need to start running the ball well.”

McAdoo believes that the offensive scheme should drift to more of a balanced approach, as incorporating an effective run game can eat up the clock as well as open up looks for the versatile wide receiving core.

“We want the football, we want to control the ball, we want to be balanced,” McAdoo reiterated.

Despite McAdoo’s stressed emphasis on the running game, the second year offensive coordinator also touched upon Odell Beckham Jr.’s lack of catches and the reason for his 44 yard performance against Dallas.

“It’s not going to be easy to get Odell the ball. He’s a guy that can change the game in a blink of an eye; teams have a plan for him.”

Dallas used two high safeties throughout the Sunday Night matchup limit the Giants’ offense big play ability. McAdoo definitely likes to take shots and give his talented wide receivers opporutnities to make plays, but with the coverage that Dallas was playing, it was too much of a risk.

“We can’t force the ball to him,” McAdoo said referring to OBJ. “If they’re going to double him, we need to take the one-on-ones and we can’t be stubborn about that. There’ll be some time to take a shot or two with him but we do need to be smart with it, we need to protect the football and do what’s best for the team that way.”

Looking forward against the Falcons, McAdoo said that the offensive scheme will incorporate more big-play opportunities and that he will try to get the matchups he wants on the outside.

“We need to do a better job pushing down the field and that’s my job.”

The key takeaways from the interview were that McAdoo wants the offense to be more balance in terms of creating a proficient run game as well being able to take shots when the appropriate opportunities safely present themselves. It will be interesting to see if the Giants come out this Sunday with a ground and pound game plan and then try to take some deep shots on the outside.


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