Jon Beason could return to the Giants on Sunday in a limited role

Veteran linebacker Jon Beason could be back in the lineup, but in a smaller role than he’s accustomed to.

If the Giants didn’t feel like they were missing starting middle linebacker Jon Beason at the beginning of Sunday night’s 27-26 defeat in Dallas, they certainly felt that at the end. Former practice squad player Uani’ Unga filled in for Beason in Week 1 and was having a nice game with 10 solo tackles and an interception. Everything fell apart on the Cowboys’ final drive, though.

That was when Unga gave ground to Dallas tight end Jason Witten and allowed the veteran to set himself up on the goal line, where he caught the game-winning touchdown pass from Tony Romo.

Beason has been out of action with a knee sprain since New York’s second preseason game, but he could return to the lineup in limited action on Sunday for the home opener versus Atlanta.

“I want to be available, I want to play as much as I can,” said Beason. “The good thing about it is we feel great about Uani’, we feel great about our corps. Guys can step in and play well, and if there’s some situational stuff where I can be used sparingly, that’d be great.”

After last Sunday’s defensive breakdown, many fans are hoping that Beason can return to full-time duty as soon as possible, but Beason doesn’t blame Unga for what happened.

“I’m at home watching, trying to decide which call that was,” said Beason. “As a commentator, sometimes you don’t know what the call is or who was supposed to be where. They just kind of assume or do the best they can, and it’s a tough job to decide who was supposed to be where and what not. There was more going on than what they said. I never want to receive a compliment at the expense of my teammate. So I thought Uani’ played outstanding.”

No matter how many snaps Beason plays in Week 2, it’s going to be tough for him to be fresh for Week 3, when the Giants play Washington on Thursday night on just three days of rest.

“I know how I feel on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,” he said. “To think you have to play a game on Thursday, it’s tough.”

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