Coughlin 'didn' see any offense' in the fourth quarter

The New York Giants were outscored 14-0 in the fourth quarter which was the biggest disappointment according to head coach Tom Coughlin.

An eerie mix of déjà vu and disbelief filled Metlife Stadium on Sunday afternoon as the G-Men surrendered another double digit lead; the second time they have done so in as many weeks. Mirroring week 1’s defeat, the loss to Atlanta can only be described as self-inflicted with a “disappointed” Tom Coughlin claiming “I thought we played better than we did last week.”


He continued, “We didn’t get the turnovers and that was the huge difference in the game.  We can’t make mistakes.  We have to count on the other guys and we didn’t get any today.  Had we got some today, and got some pressure on the quarterback, there were a couple times where he was floating around in the middle and we still couldn’t get to him.”


While the mistakes were frustrating, the coach was far more concerned with the squad’s general ineptitude.

“Again, this time we put together 17 straight points and obviously it wasn’t enough, but getting the ball back down there at the end of the third quarter and having a turnover, the fumble. The unfortunate thing, the most disappointing thing for me is from that point on, I didn’t see any offense.”


Odell Beckham Jr. registered his usual off-the-charts numbers with six catches for 139 yards in the first half but disappeared in the second, catching just one more pass for seven yards. Coughlin noticed this as well but was unfazed, “I mean, we had the look that we really wanted, where we could get him where we wanted him and it was too spotty, our ability to take advantage of it. We got to it late, we got to it early, but not enough. But, you know, you’re trying to mix the run in, you’re trying to mix the pass in, you have other people to get involved when the coverage is leaning one way. You have to try to take advantage of some other things with other people.”  


In terms of that pivotal delay of game which came immediately following a Falcons’ timeout, Coughlin said “there’s really no reason for that. There was plenty of time when we were out over the ball, plenty of time, and I think, the only reason I can offer is, he’s (Eli) changing the protection around and he loses track of the clock.” Coughlin, however, gave his QB a vote of confidence, saying “He’ll get better, he’ll improve. There are times when it’s tremendous and other times when it’s not. I’m frustrated like you are in terms of, at that point in time, all the engines have to be going full speed not the other way around.”


The Giants now face a shortened week ahead of Thursday night’s matchup against another division rival in the Washington Redskins; something Coughlin feels might be best for the team. “We’re not going to feel sorry for ourselves, we didn’t do that last week.  There was frustration but there wasn’t anybody feeling sorry for themselves. It’s our own doing, there’s nobody to blame but us. Maybe it’s better for us to jump right back in. We’re not going to get to look at this tape with the players, we’ll look at it as coaches but we’ve got to jump right on to the next opponent.” 

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