Jon Beason is waiting for training staff to give him go-ahead in Week 3

The New York Giants might be getting the heart and soul of their linebacking corps back on Thursday night, but will it be enough to contain a powerful Washington Redskins ground game?

The Washington Redskins travel to the Meadowlands Thursday night for an NFC East showdown and their running game is more powerful than ever. Fantasy football fans would be the first ones to tell you that the emergence of Matt Jones has given the Redskins a lethal 1-2 combo in the backfield with a very well established Alfred Morris.

After rushing for 123 yards and two touchdowns against a strong rush defense in the St. Louis Rams, Matt Jones may make middle linebacker Jon Beason’s potential season debut one to forget. With Kirk Cousins under center, instead of the once promising quarterback Robert Griffin III, it is no surprise to expect the Redskins to run the ball like crazy and even a veteran like Beason missing two weeks of football could throw him for a loop in front of a national audience.

            Beason missed the first huge division game in front of the bright lights in Dallas. But having him miss another game against a division rival will be like trying to take candy away from a kid in a playground.

“Well, it’s everything. You don’t want to talk about the past, but if you win the first one you are really up two games” said Beason of the divisional matchup.

This is the second division game in three weeks and losing two of them according to Beason would really be like losing four as it isn’t only a loss but a win for a division rival. The landscape in the NFC East is shifting with the Dallas Cowboys banged with two of their best players in Dez Bryant and Tony Romo out for several more weeks and Chip Kelly's Philadelphia Eagles still floundering at 0-2.

Beason has spent two miserable weeks on the sidelines feeling powerless while watching his Giants look like ants. Back to back collapses, including blowing two 10 point leads in the fourth quarter for the first time in NFL history, must be frustrating for every Giants player in the locker room.  

Only Beason knows the true feeling of being frustrated. With his health being an ongoing issue throughout the first two weeks of the season, Beason remained optimistic, but stopped short of guaranteeing he'll play.

“I would honestly say I’m in the same boat, it’s the same situation," noted Beason. "I hope to play this week, I feel good, and hopefully I get the opportunity on Thursday.”

Beason's physical condition has improved from the previous week, but ultimately the decision will be up to team doctors and the coaching staff.

“I’m just looking for the nod, just looking for the nod, that’s it,” admitted Beason.

The big difference between this week and last week is the Giants are another game back in the standings and with Big Blue in desperate need of help, the middle linebacker is chomping at the bit to play on Thursday night.


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