Odell Beckham Jr. fined for punching Bills safety Duke Williams

The NFL hit Odell Beckham Jr. where it hurts the most, in his wallet. New York's young stud will pay for his punch last Sunday.

Odell Beckham Jr. is an emotional player and opponents are making a habit of taking advantage of the star receiver's fiery personality. 

The NFL announced Wednesday that it fined Beckham $8,681 for punching Buffalo Bills safety Duke Williams during the Giants Week 4 win. The former LSU standout was not penalized during the play, but the league retroactively levied a fine on the second year wide-out.

Following a preseason contest against the Jaguars,  Victor Cruz told reporters that Jacksonville's  secondary was "gunning" for Beckham with cheap shots and overly physical contact. 

Beckham admitted that he senses defenses targeting him for illegal hits.

"It’s tough to walk the line," noted Beckham. "You know that they’re out there targeting you and they’re trying to do things to you, as much as somebody wants to say that they’re not, they are, and that’s just the case. Like I said, we’re out there to play football and that’s all I came here to do, to play football and do whatever this team needs".

Following a rookie season that saw him haul in 91 receptions for 1,305 yards including 12 touchdowns in just 12 games, Beckham put the league on notice and now its fighting back. .

The Madden Cover boy indicated that Sunday's incident in Buffalo was instigated by the defense and it wasn't the first time he was the victim of a cheap shot. .   

"Yeah, I get punched every single game or “punched” or whatever it is—I get hit in my face every single game," noted Beckam. "Like I said, it is what it is, but we’re playing football and these are grown men out here. I don’t think anybody should be talking about what happened after they lost the game."

Last season Beckham lost his cool against the St. Louis Rams as a fight broke out along the sidelines when he sustained a late hit while going out of bounds. Opponents are clearly keying on Beckham from a scheme standpoint and they're also doing their best to get under his skin. 

"Baited?," asked Beckham. "Control your emotions? I feel like I do a pretty good job. I don’t remember getting any flags last game or one for offensive holding or something. I didn’t have any penalties during the game, so controlling my emotions isn’t really any of my concern."

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