Odell Beckham Jr. is 'not worried' about the hamstring injury he sustained Sunday night

Odell Beckham Jr. doesn't think that the hamstring injury that flared up in Week 5 will cause him to miss any games.

Following his touchdown reception last night, Odell Beckham jr. seemed to hobble back to the sideline. While the collective concern of the Giants’ faithful was enormous, Beckham jr. was able to get back onto the field briefly late in the game. The Giants secured the victory after a late game-winning drive.


After the game, there was still a lot of worry about Odell Beckham jr.’s hamstring for a couple of reasons. Last season, his play and production resulted in people overlooking and forgetting that OBJ missed the first four games last season due to a similar hamstring injury. When asked if he was worried due to his awareness of how tricky hamstrings can be, OBJ was straighforward,

I’m not worried. I’m very happy that we won. That’s the main thing, that the Giants won. There’s no other issues with anything else but that.”


Furthermore, soft tissue injuries can linger and become quite a hassle, something that the Giants can’t afford with Victor Cruz already out. Rueben Randle tweaked his hamstring shortly after OBJ, leading to increased playing time and targets to Dwayne Harris and Myles White.


Regardless of these concerning factors, OBJ never considered not going back out there. “You gotta go. There’s nothing more to it. Like I said multiple times before, this is what I love, this is my passion, this is everything.  There’s no way in a moment like that that you can’t step up.”


Beckham jr. was able to make 7 catches for 121 yards and a score on 11 targets. If he were to be out of the lineup next week, there will be questions as to who will be able to pick up production when the Giants face the Eagles on Monday night.  However, OBJ is reasonable content with how it feels, knowing that it could’ve been worse.


You’re never happy when you do something like this, but I’m happy it is what it is. It won’t be long at all. I’ve just got to get in, do a little strengthening, rehab the next couple of days. I know we have some days to relax and rehab so I’ll be on it pretty heavy starting tonight, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday leading up to next week.”


Odell Beckham jr. will have an extra day to rest his hamstring, and will hopefully be able to suit for the game on Monday night, but it remains a question at this point. 

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