Amukamara not on IR with torn pectoral

The Giants are officially the walking wounded as cornerback Prince Amukamara was the latest player to suffer an injury this past week.

The Giants are heading into the next few weeks without one of their starting defensive backs. Prince Amukamara strained his pectoral muscle during Sunday night’s thrilling victory over the San Francisco 49ers. The devoted cornerback played through the rest of the game with the injury however Coach Coughlin announced on Wednesday that he is expected to miss two to four weeks. The Giants Beat interviewed Amukamara about the pectoral injury.

“I made the tackle on the fullback back in the flat. I just felt something weird,” Amukarama said explaining how the injury occurred. “I stayed in on that drive and then when I realized, ‘Ok, I’m having a hard time running,’ I never want to be a liability out there so I had the trainers come check it out.”

Amukamara was checked out on the sidelines during the game and the doctors were immediately able to confirm that the tendon didn’t rupture, which could have been a season ending injury if that was the case. The former first round pick is thankful that the injury wasn’t that severe.

“I still don’t think it’s as serious,” Amukamara stated. “I think serious would be me being on IR or serious would be the tendon fully coming off the bone like my bicep.”

While the former Nebraska standout didn’t further aggravate the pectoral injury by staying in the game, he definitely amplified his risk to have a more severe injury. The cornerback pointed to adrenaline as his motivator for staying in against the Niners. 

“Yeah, it bothered me running but pressing-wise, I was able to do that… During the game when you have all that adrenaline, you don’t really feel no pain.”

As for his recovery process, Amukamara has already had a promising start to his rehab. He feels less hindered by the injury each day, and uses his day to day activity as a barometer to measure the strain.

“I’m very encouraged because I’m more mobile, I can move it, I can move it around,” said Amukamara. “I can still brush my teeth and I can still do stuff with it. That gives me encouragement.

Whether he remains out of commission for two weeks or four weeks, Amukamara and the Giants coaching staff have full confidence in his replacement, Jayron Hosley.

“Hosley did a great job for DRC against the Falcons and the Redskins,” noted Amukamara. “I feel like he’s been playing great for us and I feel like he’s definitely ready… The coaches are very much confident in him and I think that helps him out a lot.” 

In the wake of Amukamara’s absence, Hosley will have his hands full defending a versatile Eagles offense that appears to finally hitting its stride. Since Prince’s injury is of the upper body variety, he believes he will be back on the field sooner rather than later, with minimal residual effects down the road. 

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