Keys to the Game: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles

If the New York Giants hope to win their fourth consecutive game, they'll need to master their game plan set up by offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo and defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.

The New York Giants will take on the Philadelphia Eagles this upcoming Monday night. The Giants will be without Prince Amukamara and potentially without their offensive trio of Odell Beckham Jr, Rueben Randle, and Victor Cruz. Randle and OBJ have been listed as game time decisions, but the top of the Giants’ depth chart is definitely experiencing some deterioration. The Giants offensive and defensive coordinator, Ben McAdoo and Steve Spagnuolo spoke with The Giants Beat about their preparation for Monday night’s match up.

“You have to have a plan available, for lack of a better way to say it, for everything,” McAdoo stated referring to the injuries on his receiving core. “If you’re short in one area, you have to make sure you’re backed up in another.”

The implications of the top three receivers being out could create a reliance on the short passing game, the screen game or the run. Either way, according the McAdoo, the Giants will have to prove offensive proficiency against an impressive defense.

“They’re very good upfront, they have a lot of different guys who can cover in man-to-man, and they’re creative schematically. Good defense. Underrated defense.”

The Eagles are currently a top ten rush defense and 11th in the league in total points allowed. The Giants are currently 30th in the redzone on offense. A large emphasis this week has been capitalizing on these redzone opportunities.

“We need to keep getting down there [the redzone] a bunch,” McAdoo explained. “We’re doing a good job of getting down there, we just need to continue getting down there and work the kinks out and that’ll all straighten itself out.”

While the offense will be focusing on revitalizing their scheme around their active players and capitalizing in the redzone, the defense will be augmenting their approach to the game on defending Sam Bradford’s arm. Spagnuolo said it is has been a part of the Giants defensive scheme to cover the deep ball and force opposing QBs to check down.

“There is an emphasis we talk about all the time that we’re going to play deep to short. We’re not going to allow the deeper throws to be completed.

This defensive mantra will be immensely important when playing against the caliber of quarterback that Sam Bradford brings to the table. Spagnuolo said he was initially drafted in St. Louis because of his touch on deep ball passes. The Giants defense is preparing to defend the pass.

Sam, I look at him, can beat you with his arm. So you do some things different that way, but anytime you play a quarterback who can sit there and pick you apart because he’s actually a good football player, you’ve got to find ways to what we say, ‘get him off the spot,’ so he can’t get settled in there.”

The Giants will be attempting to generate pressure throughout the game and really forcing the Eagles to run the ball. Despite their three-headed monster of a running back committee the Eagles boast, they are 22nd in rush yards per game. However in terms of individual production, Darren Sproles does much more than run the ball, and Spagnuolo is already aware of Sproles versatility out of the backfield.

“We’ve got to find the right people to do the right thing to get some help somewhere because he [Sproles] is a main featured guy in it, no matter what down it is.”

There are an ample amount of components and aspects that will determine the outcome of this game. For offense, the Giants need to score touchdowns when they make it down into the redzone and find ways to combat their potential injury-based shortcomings. On defense, the Giants need to keep Bradford at bay by generating a sufficient pass rush and by bottling up Sproles’ explosiveness.

The winner on Monday night will have a great opportunity to gain a leg up in the NFC East title race.

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