Odell Beckham battles through hamstring injury, scores TD

Odell Beckham Jr. was a major question heading into the Week 7 matchup with the Eagles

On Monday Night Odell Beckham jr. was active and played through a hamstring injury that he suffered last week.  On the first drive of the game, OBJ lined up in the slot, was able to get open, catch the ball and dive in for a touchdown, giving the Giants their only touchdown of the night.

 Beckham jr. didn’t seem to show any signs of a limp, but he did come out for a few plays here and there in the second half. In the first half, Beckham jr. was targeted seven times, catching all seven balls for 61 yards and a score.  He was able to consistently get open for Manning to find him. However, in the second half, OBJ went without a catch after only being targeted on time as the Giants offense faltered. 

 Many things can be attributed to OBJ’s subpar second half. First, not many Giants players had a good second half on the offensive side of the ball. The line had trouble-protecting Manning, and he had to rush the pass on many occasions. In addition to that, we must credit the Eagles secondary, especially guys like Byron Maxwell and Nolan Carroll II who each played very well covering Beckham jr. and Reuben Randle.

 Another thing that might’ve impacted OBJ’s second half performance was the halftime break.  After pre-game warm-ups, where again he put on a show of wild one handed catches, Beckham jr. was able to stay loose and his adrenaline likely helped him fight through his injury. It is likely that after resting at halftime, his hamstring could’ve got tighter and sorer.  Although he didn’t look bad in the second half, he might not have had his usual explosion on his routes.  Having said that, if he is out there on the field, he deserves more than one target in a half, and the team needs to find ways to get him the ball.

 OBJ was still the leading receiver for the Giants and was the only one to score a touchdown for the team.  Having him out there was important as he is the offense’s best playmaker as well as a good distraction or double-team candidate allowing for other guys to get open and make plays. 

 Even though OBJ did leave the field for a couple of plays from time to time in the second half, it didn’t seem like he aggravated his injury. Between his solid production and leaving the game without any setbacks, you would have to consider the game positive for OBJ, besides the fact that the team was not very good on Monday night.

 Odell Beckham jr. will probably be limited again in practice this week, but hopefully he can nurse his injury, and be out there when the Giants play the Cowboys next weekend.

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