Coughlin on JPP's status: I wish I knew

Tom Coughlin is normally curt with the media, and when asked about an update on Jason Pierre-Paul the Giants coach provided little to no information on the injured defensive lineman.

 Heading into a critical Week 7 battle with the Dallas Cowboys, Tom Coughlin has a laundry list of issues to resolve. Chief among those is the injury status of Jason Pierre-Paul.

The star defensive end was reportedly set to be revaluated today by Giants team doctors in order to assess whether or not he’ll be ready to play at some point this season.

With Giants fans waiting on pins and needles for an injury update on their prized pass-rusher, Coughlin didn’t provide much reason for optimism.

“Not that I know of,” said Coughlin when asked whether Pierre-Paul would report today.

When pressed on the matter, Coughlin didn’t shed any light on the situation. 

“I wish I knew,” noted Coughlin. “As soon as I have information, I’ll let you know.” 

For now it looks like Giants fans will remain in the dark on Pierre-Paul’s never-ending saga for at least one more day.

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