Pierre-Paul a no show at Giants facility

The Jason Pierre-Paul saga has taken another unexpected turn.

As if the situation needed any more drama or confusion, Jason Pierre-Paul didn’t show up to Giants facilities on Wednesday after numerous reports claimed that he would be showing up.  JPP hasn’t practiced or seen the field since his fireworks incident over the Fourth of July weekend.  The mystery of whether he will return this season looms large.

 With numerous obstacles left to be cleared before Pierre-Paul can return to terrorizing quarterbacks, there are definitely those who don’t believe that he is going to wear a Giants uniform this season. JPP still hasn’t signed his franchise tag tender, and that is likely a main concern that the Giants are pondering his return. With only 10 games remaining, and JPP’s health still a huge concern, the Giants have a cause for concern about whether to still offer the franchise tag offer.

 However, even if the money situation is worked out, JPP has to get cleared by team doctors.  Over the past months since his accident, reports have gone back and forth about the extent of injuries that JPP suffered. He did have his right index finger amputated, suffered significant burns, and lost the tip of his thumb.  The team doctors are going to really want to see if JPP is truly healthy enough to play.

 Presumably, once cleared by the team doctors, he would test out his hand in practice before jumping right into the games.  Young defensive end, Damontre Moore, has made some plays on the defensive side of the ball, but has also made some bone-headed plays, like the roughing the passer call on Sam Bradford on Monday night. Tom Coughlin didn’t seem too pleased about the costly flag, and Coach Coughlin seems a bit tired of the JPP saga, which keeps adding new confusing chapters.

 Jason Pierre-Paul would bring another element to the team if he were to return, and return at a similar level from before his unfortunate injury.  However, that remains to be seen. He did suffer severe injuries to his hand, and to expect him to be able to regain his prowess right out of the gate could be expecting too much.  Pierre-Paul wants to get back out on the field and help his team win games. Also, he is going to be a free agent next season, and it would be nice for him personally to get some good game tape after the injury to prove to teams that he can play. The giants want to end this situation and move all of the attention to winning games.

 Pierre-Paul not showing up on Wednesday isn’t going to help the situation, and it certainly isn’t going to win him any graces with the coaches or fans. 

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