Ereck Flowers refuses to talk about emotion outburst from Week 6

Ereck Flowers is a man of a few words and he didn't want to discuss his emotional speech to teammates last Monday night against the Eagles.

Last Monday night’s abomination of a performance was arguably the worst outing of the season for the Giants. The offense was disastrous, turning the ball over the throughout the game while the defense looked too gassed to keep up with Philadelphia’s highly conditioned offense. After the game it was rookie Ereck Flowers who gave a postgame speech and spoke his emotions to the team.

“I want to win,” Flowers said for his motivation to give the speech. Usually these types of vocalization and leadership come from a more senior member in the organization, from the head coach to a well tenured player. Flowers felt compelled to step up because somebody in the locker room had to and he wanted to speak his mind about the atrocious outing.

“I’m onto the next game,” Flowers stated after being continuously questioned by reporters. The Giants first round draft pick was already looking down the road at the next opportunity. As for the effort level of his teammates, the left tackle knows that they are still as motivated as ever to sweat, grind and earn a win.

“We’re really getting prepared for this next week, it’s a division game, it’s exciting; I’m looking forward to it.”

It’s reassuring to hear that the Giants are investing their picks in hard-working locker room leaders. The tackle also showed his poise and resiliency by not harping on the negative prime-time performance. Flowers has the right mentality and knows that his team will back up his confidence in their effort levels this upcoming Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys.

The Giants should be looking to embody Flower’s heart and play mistake free football. They have a great opportunity to face an under-manned Dallas Cowboys squad and really should be looking to take advantage of a usually hard to beat division opponent

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