Giants Press Box Report: Keys to the Game

The New York GIants look to defeat the Dallas Cowboys for the first time since Week 8 of the 2012 season.

The New York Giants will be facing the Dallas Cowboys for their second matchup of the season this Sunday at 4:25PM. The ‘Boys are coming off of their bye week where they’ve made the QB change to Matt Cassel while Tony Romo remains out with a clavicle injury. The Giants are trying to bounce back after their most embarrassing performance last Monday night against the Eagles. Both offensive and defensive coordinator Ben McAdoo and Steve Spagnuolo spoke with the Giants Beat about their keys to the game against Dallas.

The offense spouted inconsistency on Monday Night, OC Ben McAdoo expects his unit to show resiliency and bounce back, “the opportunities were there and we were disappointed, we flushed that, we’ve moved on, and we’re looking forward to the opportunity on Sunday.”

Having that forward mindset is important to a bounce back effort. McAdoo also said that he doesn’t go into games with a specific target amount set for any player, but that the Giants try to get the ball to OBJ, their best offensive playmaker, whenever they can.

“We want to target Odell as much as possible. He’s a play maker, a heck of a player in this league, we’re not going to go in and say we want to target him a certain number of times each game.”

OBJ was shut down in his first appearance of the season against the Cowboys, only registering 3 catches for 44 yards. While McAdoo said that he wants to get Odell the back whenever possible, he does want the offense to have some accountable amount of balance.

“During the course of the game you want to know the run to pass ratio, who’s getting touches in the backfield, who’s getting touches outside the numbers, and inside the number in the pass game.”

McAdoo explained that different situations in the game create a different mixtures of the run to pass ratio. The bottom line for the offense though is that they have to perform miles better than they did last week. Ben McAdoo summed it up nicely.

“We need to be able to execute better in the second half.”

As for the defense, DC Steve Spagnuolo has been preparing for a new quarterback under center for Dallas. Spagnuolo doesn’t expect too much to be different as far as Dallas’ offensive scheme is concerned.

“But I won’t imagine they will venture too far from who they are and what they do. I don’t think they changed all that much from Tony and when Weeden was in there.”

Regardless of what quarterback that the Giants oppose, Spagnuolo preached the importance of not making dumb penalties like they did a week ago against the Eagles. The Giants will be able to take advantage of Romo’s absence if they don’t commit back-breaking penalties.

“It’s hard to stop anybody in this league in three downs, and when you do it you want to get off the field and be proud of that.”

However, penalties weren’t the only thing Spagnuolo highlighted that the Giants defense could improve upon. Their pass rush has been woefully thin and mildly unimpressive thus far into the season.

“There are things pass rush wise that we certainly need to generate a little bit more of in a four and three man rush is a little bit tougher, but certainly four,” Spagnuolo stated. “And we have to generate a little bit out of a five man and bring a few more pressures.”

Spagnuolo said that their pass rush was an area of focus during this week’s preparation and used this season’s game tape as a benchmark for the unit. The Giants need to put pressure on Cassel to get him uncomfortable and make his first start of the season as disruptive as possible.

“We went back and did a study of the pressures, they’re not really where I want them right now.”

The Giants will look to implement a stronger pass rush, minimize their penalties, and get the ball to Odell Beckham Jr this Sunday against their divisional foe. 

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