Beckham held without TD in Giants Week 7 win

Odell Beckham Jr. has two 100-plus receiving games so far in 2015, which pails in comparison to his seven from last season.

The Giants came out victorious against the Dallas Cowboys, where they forced four total turnovers and also added a special teams score. The defense played up to their full potential, adding multiple secondary blitzes and providing pressure to disrupt Matt Cassel’s game in his first start of the season. However, Odell Beckham Jr. contributed another poor outing against the ‘Boys, only catching the ball 4 times for 35 yards.

Odell Beckham Jr. did lead the Giants in receptions on the day, in what was a quiet outing for Eli Manning, who only completed 13 passes in the win. In OBJ’s first game against the ‘Boys, he posted similar numbers, registering 4 catches for 44 yards.

Dallas employed a safe cover two scheme, where they posted two high safeties over the top of the defense for the majority of the game. Both Cowboys’ corners Carr and Claiborne rotated on covering the reining offensive rookie of the year, showing that they weren’t trying to go one on one with Beckham.

While OBJ’s may be concerning for fantasy owners, his role in the game opened up looks for role players like Dwayne Harris to make plays in the passing game, while Rueben Randle stepped up making a few clutch catches. Beckham Jr. didn’t dominate the game, but played a role that sufficed for a modest victory over the Cowboys.

It is purely speculation as to whether his hamstring injury is still bothering him, but it is definitely a possibility that it hindered his performance. Manning also didn’t do him any favors, not targeting him in the second half until the start of the fourth quarter.

Moving forward, the Giants need to do a better job of creating plays to get OBJ open even when there are two high safeties. In a game when the opposing quarterback isn’t Matt Cassel, they may be relying on number 13 to make a critical play to help win a game.

The Giants still were able to produce enough offensively to keep an even keel with the undermanned Cowboys, but Odell Beckham Jr and Eli Manning will have to assert their chemistry moving forward if they want to be considered a high octane offense.

Next week the Giants will have the opportunity to prove their offensive dominance after two consecutive weak outings against the New Orleans Saints. 

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