Dwayne Harris' 100 yard return burns Cowboys

Dwayne Harris' fourth quarter kickoff return keyed the Giants win over their archival on Sunday afternoon. Find out what the former Cowboy had to say about the clutch run back.

Dwayne Harris, the former Dallas Cowboy, beat his former team in a pivotal NFC East rivalry between the Cowboys and the Giants. Looking back at the history of Harris he has always been a big special teams player. He was the punt and kickoff return man for East Carolina during his college days, which he was second in school history in kickoff yards. This even warranted a first team selection for the Conference USA as well as Conference USA player of the year.

            We now fast forward to the 2011 NFL Draft and we find Dwayne Harris being selected at pick 176 in the sixth round of the draft by the Dallas Cowboys. During his time in Dallas he not only proved to be an effective special teams return man but also a good coverage guy for the Cowboys as well. Ironically, one of his best games on the Cowboys took place against the Giants as he made 3 coverage tackles, one of them forcing a turnover. This performance won him NFC special teams player of the week honors, which he most likely will win again this week against the Cowboys for his game winning touchdown return.

"Oh yeah, we’ve been overdue for a long time, always one block away, one man away," noted Harris. "Tonight it was blocked perfectly, anybody could have run through the hole that was made. It was a good return by everybody, and it was good blocking upfront. It was just blocked perfectly."

On March 10 of 2015 he signed a five-year deal worth 17 million dollars and that deal is starting to look like a steal for the G-men. After the Dallas Cowboys have drove the length of the field in the fourth quarter to tie the game 20-20, the Giants were starting to sweat out that fourth quarter that doomed early in the season in back to back collapses in weeks 1 and 2. That is until the very next play after the Cowboys scored a touchdown, a 100 yard kickoff return by Dwayne Harris with seven minutes left would be the game winner and seal the deal in this one. Expect the impact of Dwayne Harris to be felt more and more as the weeks go on as the special teams phenom is just getting started. 

"The Giants told me they’d give a chance to play receiver and they kept their word," noted Harris. "That was the main reason I came here. Cowboys didn’t really want me to be nothing but a blocking receiver, so I came here. I wasn’t getting really a lot of opportunities in the offense there. Jerry (Reese) and Coach Coughlin said they were going to let me get some receiver reps so that was my main reason to come here."

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