Coughlin on Jason Pierre-Paul's return: 'It's will be a wonderful thing'

Head coach Tom Coughlin is ecstatic to have defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul back with the team.

Jason Pierre-Paul is officially back with the New York Giants, and all of Big Blue Nation is happy to have him back.

It will be a wonderful thing to have him come back, get ready to play, and play and contribute, which is his plan,” Giants head coach Coughlin said on JPP returning to the field for the Giants this season. “The team looked forward to seeing Jason. He’s excited about being here and he’s anxious to get started.”

JPP is coming back to the Giants, at the right time for Big Blue.

The Giants defense has played well so far this season, but as seen in the past couple of games, they need their star defensive end back on the field with them.

With JPP back practicing with the team, it gives the Giants coaching staff the ability to see where he is at.

Right now, the Giants have a plan in place for JPP to help bring him along, and get him ready for game action.

“He will start with the medical team. He can do all the walkthroughs, he can be out there for whatever we’re doing pre-practice,” Coughlin stated on the plan for JPP in his first practice back for the G-Men. “When he came in, he looked good. I asked him what he weighed, he said 268, and he was right on the money. So he’s worked, he’s been working. We’ll just see how fast this comes along.”

JPP for one, besides getting used to the physicality of playing football, also needs to get back into the mental aspect of the game, starting with learning Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnulo’s defense.

“He’s got quite a bit to catch up on,” Coughlin said on JPP learning the defense. “The terminology, sure. But he’s already started on that.”


The big question right now, is when will Pierre-Paul play in his first game this season?


On Wednesday, Coughlin stated that JPP will not be playing this Sunday, when the Giants go on the road to play the New Orleans Saints.

After being awarded a two week exemption for JPP on Tuesday night when he signed, the Giants don’t have to play him for two weeks without making any moves on their 53 man roster.


The Giants can have the defensive end play before then if they feel that he is ready to play in a game.


As of now though, Coughlin and the rest of the Giants organization are just happy JPP back with them and that they are rooting for him to make a great comeback.


“We’re all rooting for him, to be honest with you,” Coughlin said on the whole Giants team being behind JPP. “He had a very traumatic experience and he’s done really what appears to be an outstanding job of preparing himself. He is mentally very upbeat, his attitude is outstanding. He’s anxious to go out and play right now.”


He hasn’t yet to play in a game for Big Blue this season, but JPP coming back has already made an impact on this Giants team.


The fact that the Giants now know that they will have one of their best defensive players back with them, can really spark them going forward as they make a run towards a playoff berth.

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