Coughlin: JPP passing 'with flying colors'

Coach Tom Coughlin discussed what it's like having Jason Pierre-Paul back in the building.

More than anything, Tom Coughlin is just happy that Jason Pierre-Paul will be playing for the Giants this year.


Oh he’s done—whatever you ask him to do, he does it in flying colors,” noted Coughlin.


Against standard protocol, Coughlin is considering allowing JPP to travel with the team even though the pass rusher will definitely not be starting against the Saints this week. Instead, Coughlin wants to ease the defensive end into the lineup, with the coach’s stated goal being to ensure JPP makes it through the entire year.    


“We’ll advance him next week and we will see where we are. And that’s all we can say.”


“I do want to get him out there soon; that’s the whole idea, but I want him ready when he goes out there. I want him for the rest of the year.”


3-1 at home, the Giants are looking to improve on an inconsistent 1-2 road record. They have lost their last 4 games at the Superdome dating back to 1994 although Coughlin nixed any talk of visitor intimidation.


That’s a good question because I really don’t think there’s anything different about it. The fans are great participants there, they remain that way. There’s excitement because it’s Halloween weekend and all that business. But we’ve had it, and if you’ve walked by within three miles from here while we’ve had the noise on in there, it’s probably louder in there than it’s going to be down in New Orleans.”


The Saints are currently riding a two-win streak after beating the Colts on Sunday with Drew Brees, in particular, beginning to heat up.  


The way they’ve been playing. For two weeks they’ve played very, very well. They certainly started out as we did, and they’ve gotten better and better and they’re plus-five in turnovers in the last two ball games and only one turnover, one interception, they rushed the ball very well last weekend, which gives them the balance that they want. Brees is very, very accurate. So all of the above. I think their special teams is outstanding, they blocked the punt against Atlanta for a touchdown. There’s a lot of things you have to be very mindful of, but we’ve prepared well and we look forward to it.”      

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