Beason cautiously optimistic for Week 8

Jon Beason hopes to play against the Saints on Sunday after getting rolled up on against the Cowboys.

Despite hobbling around with a banged-up knee that requires wrapping, Jon Beason is looking forward to this Sunday’s matchup against the 3-4 New Orleans Saints. His in-game snap count will continue to be capped and shared while Beason himself has been taking it easy and doing light warmups such as hitting the bike. The 9 year vet understands recovery is a process as he missed the first two games of the season due to his knee while also sustaining a concussion in the Giants’ week 5 win against the 49ers.    

“Played a bunch of snaps Sunday, did a little work, had a little fun, and we were able to get a win and I’m just a little sore. We’re trying to be smart and I’m trying to make it to Sunday.”

“I did get rolled up in the game, but the knee, that’s the nature of the injury, that’s maintenance.”

“Yeah, for sure. For me, that’s what it’s all about. I’ve been on the bike before, just got to get back on, and start pedaling. Getting out there was fun, felt good, felt natural, and you know some things I felt like I could have done better, but that’ll come with time.”

The Giants’ defense knows it will be under the microscope after allowing Dallas’ Darren McFadden to notch up 152 yards and 1 TD last week. Mark Ingram, the Saints’ RB has run for 450 yards with an average over 4 yards a carry.  

I would say, for the most part, we were good against the run and then we would have a mess up and then you rip off 15 or 20 [yards]. You give up big runs, big plays, they add up to big totals. In that game, I mean how many rushes did they have? I know [Darren] McFadden had what 30 carries? I mean most running backs dream of a 30 [carry] day. You don’t really see that that much in the NFL, so we have a lot of respect for their offense, especially their offensive line. They really hit some runs on us, but the bend and don’t break mentality ended up being enough.”

Yeah, for sure. That was his m.o. coming out of Bama, played against him early in his career, he’s a tough running back, and a lot of the scheme is the same this week. Zone scheme, they’re going to line up in some two backs, and kind of try and bloody your nose a little bit. We have a big task, every week it’s always somebody else. He’s a good back and it looks like he’s really getting some steam going as of late.”

Beason also praised Saints’ QB Drew Brees, mirroring many of the things Giants’ players say about their own quarterback in Eli Manning.

I think, first off, he’s a great teammate. He’s a leader, captain of that [offense], he makes that team go and that offense go. He’s pinpoint accurate, he makes smart decisions, and quick decisions. You know he’s kind of one of those guys that, he came back from injury and people said he couldn’t do something, and he just went out and proved why he still is Drew Brees.”


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