Manning: Pierre-Paul 'makes my life easier'

There's one person that has an ear to ear grin now that Jason Pierre-Paul is close to his return to the team and that's quarterback Eli Manning.

Eli Manning is excited that Jason Pierre-Paul might be coming back. On the flip side what makes Manning’s life happier significantly decreases the enjoyment and ease for opposing quarterbacks. Pierre-Paul is going to be practicing in full all week in an effort to get him out there on Sunday where the Giants will face Jameis Winston and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It remains to be seen how the injury could affect JPP down the line, but anticipation is builder as his return nears closer.

“Yeah, this is awesome," admitted Manning. "It makes my life easier.” 

 Manning talked about the feeling in the building now that JPP has returned. “It’s just good to see him back. I know everything he’s been through and one of our key players. We’re all wishing him well after everything that happened to him and the injury. It’s good to see him back playing football and with us.” In addition, Manning noticed that with JPP back in the facility he is able to avoid some of the attention. “Yeah, I like when JPP is here because he takes all the reporters away and I can hopefully slide under the radar,” Manning said. “It’s good to have him back in practice and seeing him out there and challenging our offensive linemen. He’s getting great work against them.”

 The Giants defense has the fewest amount of sacks in the league at 9. This has had adverse effects on the defense as a whole, as the defense is giving up 315 passing yards per game, which ranks last in the league. The Giants are hoping that the return of Jason Pierre-Paul is going to help quell those issues.

 Pierre-Paul is going to have plenty of motivation to show people that he can still make a difference on the field. He has undoubtedly heard all of the noise surrounding his injury and is looking to prove people wrong. Also, his contract is largely incentive based so the better he performs, the more money he will make. JPP’s impact should revitalize the rest of the defense and they will hopefully be able to make more plays, and help the Giants win games. 

 When asked how JPP helps this team, Eli replied, “Hopefully, he can get some sacks, get some pressure on the quarterback, and cause some turnovers just having his presence and get him back playing good football.”

 It remains to be seen whether or not he will return this week. If he does it hasn’t been determined how much he will play, or even the impact he will have. However, I’m sure Jameis Winston and company would rather not find out.

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