Odell Beckham: Anger 'brings out the best in me'

You won't like Odell Beckham Jr. when he's angry.

Odell Beckham Jr was a key contributor in the Giants 32-18 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The reining OROY hauled in 9 receptions for 105 yards, averaging 11.7 yards per catch. OBJ also set a new record during the game and was effective throughout all four quarters of action.

The Giants clearly wanted to get OBJ involved as early as possible, as Manning targeted him on the opening drive and connected with the star wide receiver. OBJ saw a few passes his way in the first quarter, which hasn’t always been the norm for the Giants this season.

Although after a vanilla second and third quarter OBJ seemed destined for a modest day compared to his offensive capabilities. The low point of his game at Ray James Stadium was when Eli Manning was picked on a crossing route to OBJ by Alterraun Verner. While Eli should have seen Verner waiting to jump the crossing route, OBJ immediately shouldered the blame for not getting to the ball, vigorously punching the Gatorade cooler and screaming at himself on the Giants sideline.

OBJ has said in a previous interview that he believes he plays better when he is aggressive and will often fire himself up in a similar way, usually less displayed to the public, to perform better.

“That anger, and all those things come into play” OBJ said commenting on his in-game anger during the 2015 preseason. “It helps me out a lot in other ways. It comes out and it brings out the best in me. Finding a way to channel that anger, and that passion, it’s really what I’m working on.”

The madden cover player has clearly refined his anger-channeling methods as evidenced by his fourth quarter performance.

After the interception, Beckham Jr’s first catch in the fourth quarter came on a 26 yard reception, where number 13 danced his way around defenders for 10 extra yards after the catch, moving the Giants offense to midfield. The drive ended up resulting in field and requiring the Buccaneers to now need a touchdown to win the game.

The LSU alum also showed his clutch hands on a third down and 6 with four minutes to go in the fourth quarter at the Buccaneers 36 yard line; just at the fringe of kicker Josh Brown’s range. Beckham Jr plucked a low thrown ball into his body to convert the first down, which allowed more time to be run off the game clock and eventually allowed Josh Brown to extend the Giants lead to 8. The Giants chances of winning exponentially rose when Beckham Jr made that catch.

In addition the clutch nature of the catch, OBJ also broke history on the third down conversion, becoming the fastest player ever to reach 150 receptions in NFL history. Odell captured 150 career receptions in his 21st game, breaking Anquan Boldin’s previous record of 25 games.

The feat is just another notch under the already accolated belt of Odell Beckham Jr. Number 13 was a key factor the Giants win on Sunday and will look to continue his sophomore success against the New England Patriots next Sunday at 4:25PM.

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